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We're driven to improve legal practices in changing the world by creating helpful products for lawyers and their clients in the U.S.

This mission impacts everything we do for our ecosystem development.

Meet Our Team

We are a diverse and ambitious team spread across the world. And we're fluent in many languages, including the language of law.

The Story Behind Lawrina Name

The name "Lawrina" is no ordinary name — it's a combination of two words, "Law" and "Karina," which is a euphonic name from "Karyna". Karyna Pukaniuk is our rockstar Head of Legal, the expert in international law who knows all the ins and outs of the legal world.

Karina was a driving force behind Lawrina's mission — to humanize law. It's a reminder that the law isn't just about the rules that structure our society but also about the people who live within it. We believe that technology should be rooted in humanity and used to protect the rights and interests of people.
The Story Behind Lawrina Name

Be the Change You Want to See

At Lawrina, we believe there must be a great mission behind the business. We live and breathe our three core principles:

Be a force for good

We make the world a better place through positive actions, business ethics, diversity, and development.

Complete, not compete

We build an innovative legal ecosystem and partner with like-minded businesses eager to grow with Lawrina.

Empower others

We help legal professionals and clients reach their goals with a win-win result.


Our Past, Present, and Future

Learn about our way, from the beginning to our grand visions.
early 2010s
Our history begins with Phase One Karma, an ambitious IT company with Ukrainian roots. We set the goal to create software products with a point and a meaningful impact.
We released Unicheck, our first AI-powered product aimed to put an end to academic dishonesty by using natural language processing. We won the hearts of over one million users across 90 countries within 6 years.
When selling Unicheck to a big U.S. corporation, our legal team had a mountain of paperwork to review. This made us think of ways to make lawyers' lives easier.
Everything started with a desire to free lawyers from monotonous and tedious manual tasks. That’s why we created Loio, an AI-driven software to revolutionize the legal industry.
We're committed to ensuring free access to justice for everyone. That's why we created a portal full of helpful resources, from blog articles to legal guides, and more.
We created a legal marketplace that helps U.S. attorneys and legal clients find each other in their area in a few clicks. Now, people can find an attorney matching their legal issues far faster and easier.
Loio joined Lawrina since we started building a vibrant ecosystem to fulfill the needs of lawyers and their clients.
We added a legal document template collection and created a template builder, so composing legal documents online takes minutes instead of hours of lawyers' work.
2023 and beyond
What's next?
We're constantly making our legal ecosystem alive, harnessing the power of AI, and creating meaningful connections between legal professionals and their clients.
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