The Best Legal Tech Blogs and Resources by Experts in the Field

This article is devoted to top online resources from North America and England where lawyers, attorneys, and legal tech experts can gain knowledge about legal news, technological advances, and progress within their sphere.

​​​​At a time when clients want to work with the most “modern” lawyers who use artificial intelligence (AI), automate their tasks, and show that they are not standing still, lawyers must devote a lot of attention to development. That’s why we asked opinion leaders and legal tech professionals to share their favorite resources for the latest news. This list includes some must-read and must-listen resources that will help you stay on track with legal technology.

The Best Legal Blogs for Lawyers

The following five blogs have the most recommendations as top legal blogs. Other exciting resources earned honorable mentions. 

5 best legaltech blogs

LawSites by Bob Ambrogi: The gold standard for breaking news and in-depth profiles of people, companies, and trends

The first blog in our list was mentioned the most by the legal experts we interviewed. Meet “the best legal tech blog to follow,” according to its author Bob Ambrogi. LawSites uncovers topics like ChatGPT as a legal research tool, workflow automation, and the rise of legal tech solutions — everything a modern lawyer should know.

Bob is an experienced trial lawyer and journalist with interest and expertise in legal tech that spans over two decades. In addition to his own platform, Bob writes texts for the legal platform AboveTheLaw and has many other publications with other resources. As the legal tech experts state, Bob Ambrogi’s blog is the gold standard and the go-to source for those interested in legal tech.

Artificial Lawyer: The most comprehensive news blog for legal tech

Meet another top-rated legal blog. Sam Moore, an experienced legal technologist, calls Artificial Lawyer “the most comprehensive news blog for legal tech.”

Artificial Lawyer is run by Richard Tromans with a goal of transforming the legal field and improving efficiency through the use of technology. However, this blog also has articles about business innovation, business structures, and process optimization. 

Not all the articles on Artificial Lawyer are written by Richard. Reputable experts in the legal sphere, including legal tech, contribute to Artificial Lawyer to fill the blog with various perspectives and expertise. 

Legal Tech News at The intersection of law and technology is an online resource with the latest news, trends, and insights into the legal world. The website is quite popular among legal professionals and offers news about various legal cases. The platform has a number of different branches, each focusing on a particular field of law. Legal Tech News is the area that Flo Nicolas referred to when sharing that she appreciates “how addresses the intersection of law and technology, covering topics such as regulations, legal risks, and the impact on legal professionals.” 

At, readers may find articles by well-known writers and editors, including Stephanie Wilkins, Editor-in-Chief of Legal Tech News. Stephanie is interested in the evolution of legal technology, and she’s made it her mission to share the ways technology can be used by legal professionals. For Legal Tech News, Stephanie “curates cutting edge discussion of legal, tech, and a ton on Gen AI,” according to Cat Casey, chief growth officer at Reveal-Brainspace.

Legal IT Insider: A technical perspective on legal IT

Legal IT Insider is a legal technology blog that has been around since 1995 as a reliable source of daily legal news. Some of the latest stories on the platform include the class action lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI, Thomson Reuters’ acquisition of Casetext, and Aderant’s new AI assistant Madi. Here, lawyers can learn about cybersecurity, new AI developments, and big lawsuits.

“Legal IT Insider is great if you want to learn more about the IT and technical side of new products,” said Sam Moore. The blog also features a lot of information about more “conventional legal IT like document management systems, practice management systems, and time recording systems that the other sites might not pick up.” Mauricio Duarte, chief operating officer at A2J Tech, and Charlie Uniman, legal tech startup evangelist and founder & host of the Legal Tech StartUp Focus community, are also among the fans of this blog.

Legal Tech Blog at Lawrina: Practical help for lawyers

Lawrina focuses on practical guides that help lawyers and law firms implement technology in their practice. This is why Lawrina’s team publishes articles written by practicing attorneys who are experts in their fields. 

Lawrina makes a point to interview multiple lawyers for each piece of content, so readers can access ideas from different legal experts in one blog. The platform works with a number of contributors experienced in the field of law, namely law firm founders, nominees of the European Counsel Awards, and ambassadors of the Legal Hackers community. 

The Legal Tech Blog at Lawrina offers advice on working with AI contract review software, solutions that can help streamline the contract process and other hot topics in the field of legal tech. For those interested in legal tech updates and new material on the blog, Lawrina has a twice-monthly newsletter for lawyers.

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Honorable Mentions

We cannot describe every worthy legal tech blog in detail, as there are many. However, we would like to mention some great blogs that didn’t make it to the top 5:

  • Law Technology Today by the ABA: This blog, a favorite of Mauricio Duarte, has a number of interesting topics, such as quick tips for practicing lawyers and news about the future of law.
  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: This favorite of Charlie Uniman covers the administrative side of practicing law and specializes mainly in the respective fields of knowledge management, internet marketing, and library sciences.
  • LexBlog: Recommended by Joseph Raczynski, LexBlog is a large network of legal bloggers that provides legal tech news.
  • Above the Law: Another favorite of Joseph Raczynski, this blog separates news into categories, such as Biglaw, Small Law, Law Schools, and Legal Tech.
  • eDiscovery Journal: This blog provides no-fluff legal news commentary and is recommended by Cat Casey.
  • Ralph Losey’s blog: Another favorite of Cat Casey, this blog advocates for the use of technology in the legal field and discusses relevant news. 
  • Complex Discovery: Recommended by Cat Casey for those who want to learn about digital data storage and cybersecurity.

Essential Legal Tech Newsletters

While blogging may be taking a step back in some circles, newsletters are on the rise. There is no easier or more convenient way to consume news than simply getting it in your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly. Here are some of the most subscribed-to newsletters by the attorneys and legal professionals we interviewed. 

5 best legaltech newsletters Newsletter: Updates for in-house legal professionals is a weekly newsletter that features links to the most relevant news articles of the week, primarily targeting in-house legal professionals. The goal of is to help lawyers on their professional journeys. It does so through the Legal Talent Network, where lawyers can connect with peers, learn new skills, and find work. The newsletter is a constant stream of well-curated legal tech news and job and learning opportunities.

According to Tom Stephenson, “’s community blog is a standout in the legal tech space because it specifically targets in-house legal professionals, providing them with crucial updates on the in-house community and insights into how technology is reshaping their profession.”

Law Tech Daily Newsletter: Created by AI for those short on time

Law Tech Daily comes out with three newsletters per week created by AI. Each newsletter is a collection of the latest news stories about innovations and trends in the field of law and technology, which will take most readers less than ten minutes to read. The newsletter shares news on AI, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity, with some of the most recent articles discussing legal work optimization, cyber threats, and AI trends.

Subscribing to this newsletter can save hours spent scrolling through legal news outlets, as Charlie Uniman called it “a great newsletter if you’re short on time.” 

Legaltech Hub: Over 50 years of collective experience in your inbox

The Legaltech Hub team is composed of legal tech experts with over 50 years of collective experience in the field. The platform serves as a connector for legal tech buyers and vendors. The former can learn about all the relevant solutions out there, and the latter can show off their products. 

When subscribing to this newsletter, you can select the categories you’d like to learn about, such as legal tech insights for law firms, legal tech insights for corporate firms, and more.

The Legal Technologist: Long reads by experienced legal professionals 

The Legal Technologist is “more like a monthly magazine,” as Sam Moore put it. Unlike most newsletters with quick news and one-liners, it is filled with longer articles and reviews. 

Such a “magazine” will be interesting to those who want to enter into thought-provoking discussions about legal technology. The Legal Technologist boasts an advisory board filled with experienced professionals with a background in law. 

Jason Tashea’s Newsletter: Specially for A2J and criminal law

Jason Tashea’s Newsletter focuses on justice technology rather than legal technology. The newsletter not only covers news but shares links to upcoming events, jobs, and learning opportunities in justice technology.

Sarah Glassmeyer said, “Jason is great because he concentrates on just the innovations that affect A2J and criminal law.” 

Tune In to Legal Tech Podcasts

While newsletters still require some reading, podcasts can give you a dose of legal tech news on the go at the gym, in the car on the way to the office, in line at the grocery store, and even on a plane. If you’re more of an audio learner, here are some excellent podcasts to check out.

Best legaltech podcasts

LawNext: Most widely downloaded podcast

LawNext is a remarkable weekly podcast known for driving the conversation around legal tech and innovation. Spearheaded by Bob Ambrogi — an experienced lawyer, esteemed journalist, and legal tech innovation thought leader — the podcast boasts incisive coverage of the evolving legal landscape.

For more than two decades, Ambrogi has been at the forefront of writing and speaking about the confluence of law and technology. His authority in the field is marked by his award-winning blog, LawSites, and his column in Above the Law. These feats, combined with his in-depth engagement with legal industry change-makers on LawNext, have positioned Ambrogi as a significant voice in the field. 

On LawNext, Ambrogi curates conversations with innovators and entrepreneurs, exploring legal technology startups, groundbreaking law firm business models, and initiatives improving access to justice. Each week, his guests unlock the intricacies of the next big thing in law, adding depth and range to listeners’ understandings.

The Legal Toolkit: Featuring the best legal tech experts

The Legal Toolkit is a legal tech podcast that comes out twice a month. The 35- to 45-minute episodes cover trends in the field of law and news stories that legal professionals may find interesting. 

The host, Jared Correia, is the founder and CEO of a law firm himself, but he doesn’t rely on his experience alone. Each episode features a different lawyer who has come to discuss best practices and the tools that help them work better.

The Legal Tech StartUp Focus: Startup legal tech apps for everyone

The Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast is hosted by Charlie Uniman, a graduate of Yale University and law scholar with over 38 years of legal practice. 

The episodes consist of interviews with individuals who are involved, in one way or another, with startup legal tech apps. You can learn about finding investors for a legal tech startup, curating partnerships, and effective marketing efforts by successful legal tech firms. Conversations with startup founders can serve as inspiration for getting into the business, as they often recall how they got the ideas for their successful projects.

The Legal Tech StartUp Focus Podcast usually comes out with one episode a month. Sam Moore said, “Legal Tech Startup Focus podcast is easy to digest snippets of news and interviews, similar to LawNext, but it focuses more on early-stage companies.” 

Also, anyone with an interest in legal tech and legal tech startups can sign up for the Legal Tech StartUp Focus community for free. Members of this community can post and read about legal tech and legal tech startups, join community events, and receive by email the Legal Tech StartUp Focus newsletter that summarizes the prior week’s posts.

Influential Social Media: Connecting With Industry Leaders

Social media has allowed us to get closer to the leaders in our industry and hear their unfiltered opinions. If your mentor runs a legal tech blog, you can get a small sampling of his or her writing between scheduled blog posts through a social media platform, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Legaltech opinion leaders in social media

Our contributors shared some industry leaders they follow:

  • Doug Austin: Editor of eDiscovery Today, Doug has more than 30 years of experience in the legal tech field. 
  • Robert Ambrogi: Founder and author at LawSites, Bob uses his LinkedIn account to announce live webinars and start discussions about legal tech.
  • Stephanie Wilkins: Stephanie uses her account on LinkedIn to encourage discussions with her readers, link relevant legal tech news articles, and gather feedback about her news segments.
  • Kelly Twigger: Kelly specializes in eDiscovery and organizes live sessions on LinkedIn, where she talks about her case of the week.
  • Steven Salkin: As Editor-in-Chief at ALM’s Law Journal Newsletters, Steven has a lot to share about topics like cybersecurity, marketing, and AI.
  • Alex Su: Alex is a legal technology professional with experience working as a lawyer and a large social media presence.
  • Mitch Jackson, Esq.: Mitch is a trial lawyer who uses his platform to talk about all things technology, blockchain, and law.
  • Colin Levy: Colin frequently shares relevant news and articles with his followers and motivates them for a career in law through his own story. Colin also shared his legal expertise in a webinar for Lawrina Templates called “How to Tackle Legal Issues in 2023.” Also, his site features interviews with legal leaders.
  • Jordan Furlong: Jordan works as a legal analyst and shares his insights with his audience online.
  • Daniel Katz: Daniel works as a professor of law and integrates a fair bit of technology in his classes while also sharing his opinions with his online followers.
  • Nicola Shaver: Nicola uses her platform to talk about legal tech, innovation, and change management.
  • Jae S Um: Jae shares insights about the law industry and retweets posts from other thought leaders in legal tech on her Twitter account.
  • Ron Friedmann: Ron is an experienced lawyer and blogger who uses his Twitter platform to provide insightful commentary on the subject of popular cases, such as the Thomson Reuters’ Casetext acquisition.

All of these legal sources and publications are well-known throughout legal tech. They are go-to resources for the latest and most accurate news and information about legal tech, e-discovery, marketing, and the business of law,” says Melissa “Rogo” Rogozinski. 

Lawrina Recommends

All resources mentioned in this guide are vouched for by well-respected lawyers and professionals in the field. We respect all of them and highly recommend them for your dose of legal tech news. Following are some additional resources that our colleagues from Lawrina and the legal professionals we’ve interviewed have contributed to:

  • Podcast “Reinventing Professionals” by Ari Kaplan: This podcast goes about the ever-changing legal landscape in conjunction with technology. One episode featured Lawrina’s product communications manager, Inna Lohvin, about growing legal tech in Ukraine.
  • Fringe Legal: Fringe Legal is a podcast for innovators by innovators. The episode titled “Leading Through a Crisis” featured a representative from Lawrina who spoke about the effects of the war in Ukraine.
  • RPC Strategies Blog: This blog covers best practices for legal tech and law firm marketing and sales strategies. You can also find their articles in Legal Tech News, Law Journal Newsletter, and Legal Business World, so there are even more reasons to check it out! 
  • The Technocat Blog: Cat Casey’s and George Socha’s blog is “a cheeky take on discovery challenges, all things AI, and emerging weird data types.”
  • Legally Disrupted: Today’s contributor, Zach Abramowitz, recommends his blog and podcast for a dose of entertaining and easy-to-follow legal tech news, something “to start with.”


Technology has made a big splash in the legal industry and transformed everything we thought we knew about the law. Recognizing your thinking patterns and changing your views on the subject can be tough. However, surrounding yourself with reliable news sources in the forms of written blogs, newsletters, and podcasts may encourage you to drop your prejudices and take a deep dive into the amazing world at the intersection of law and technology.

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Legaltech has proved itself irreplaceable in various business practices. It permanently tailors all legal services for lawyers’ and cl...

P.S. Thanks! 

The Lawrina team is thankful to the lawyers and legal professionals who shared their favorites with us, devoting time and attention to gathering the best of the best: 

Thanks to all of our contributors for helping with recommendations to develop this list.

Article by Inna Lohvin

Inna Lohvin (Ptitsyna) was a Product Communications Manager for Lawrina. Inna has a law degree and great expertise in legal innovations. Along with the work for Lawrina, Inna is a part of the international community of Legal Hackers, where she gives presentations about the importance of PR and marketing for lawyers.

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