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Biden Asks Congress for $33 Billion Aid to Ukraine

President asks to provide $20 billion in military aid, $8.5 billion in economic support to Kyiv, and $3 billion for humanitarian needs.

Biden will also request to raise the production of food crops and strategic minerals to tackle the impact of the war in Ukraine on world supplies.

Congress approved the last request in March. The financial support for Ukraine was $13,6 billion.

According to The Guardian, the new military aid after Congress’s approval would include:

  • Anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft systems;
  • The equipment to restore cyber warfare capabilities;
  • “More intelligence sharing”;
  • Assistance in clearing landmines and other explosive objects across Ukraine;
  • More substantial US military presence on NATO’s eastern flank.

Along with the new aid package, Congress will receive the measures package to empower the justice department to pursue Russian oligarchs.

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