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Mastering Quick Text Fixes with Messy Formatting Using Loio

Mastering Quick Text Fixes with Messy Formatting Using Loio

Legal documents often require drawing from multiple sources, including court decisions and laws. As a result, legal professionals frequently end up with first drafts characterized by disarrayed styles, copy-pasted text, and chaotic fonts, resulting in messy text. This article explores how Loio can fix formatting swiftly and streamline the styling of your document within minutes.

Initiate a Styling Tool Scan

Kickstart the process by launching Loio. If you still need to download it, now’s the time to install the software. Once logged in, navigate to the Home section of your Microsoft Word taskbar with your rough document draft open in Word. Following this, select the Scan button within the Styling tool of Loio and give it a few moments to add. 

Loio quickly scans all fonts and spacing within your text, displaying all identified styles as separate groups. This lets you visualize how many paragraphs are formatted according to each style group. Now, let’s move on to the correction process to remove text formatting that could be more helpful and helpful.

Modify or Combine Style Groups

Loio offers several methods to clean up text within your document’s formatting, each uniquely rearranging the appearance of your text. These methods include:

  1. Direct editing: You can directly edit the parameters within a style group. For example, Style 2 encompasses three paragraphs and is formatted in Helvetica Neue size 14 font. By modifying the parameters of this style within the add-in screen, your entire document’s formatting will update accordingly. This method allows you to swiftly restructure the scattered formatting of numerous text sections within your draft.
  1. Merging style groups: You can also leverage the merge feature within Styling. Each identified formatting style has a Merge button in its top left corner. Merging style groups apply one style’s formatting to another group’s content. Essentially, merging allows one formatting style in your document to “absorb” another, effectively streamlining the formatting styles.

Merging is particularly beneficial when your Microsoft Word document requires a particular formatting style to be applied to multiple text parts. By merging this style with others, you fix the Word document formatting issues, replacing the previously messy and erratic styles with a streamlined, polished format that gives your document a professional appearance.

Beyond simple document formatting edits, Loio also delivers a suite of other tools specifically tailored for legal professionals. Explore these tools, which can significantly enhance your legal drafting processes and expedite your overall text cleanup.

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