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How To Write an Outstanding Lawyer Resume in 2023

Looking for a new job? The first step to landing a dream job in law is creating a solid resume. The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work during the hiring process, and the resume is the first document that presents you.

This trend means that lawyers need to work more on their resumes to make them shine. What makes hiring managers read your resume? Why are expressions like “a top-notch lawyer” better to avoid? Which hard and soft skills are essential to include in 2023? Read before the take-off.

Writing a Winning Lawyer’s Personal Statement

Start with your key strengths, not just in the legal field

One of the trickiest things about resumes is that you have just a few lines at the beginning to impress your readers. Don’t waste the chance. Showing you are an all-around professional from the first lines is a powerful motivator to continue reading your resume. Kevin Kornegay, Senior Attorney at Chad Jones Law, suggests answering these questions, for starters.

To catch recruiters’ eyes, you need to show that you have the strengths required to function at the intersection of law, technology, and business. Let hiring managers know that you are ready to meet the market’s demands and deliver the high-quality legal services clients expect.

Think deeper and research the law firm you’re applying to

Are you applying for a law firm, small nonprofit organization, or large government agency? Create a targeted resume by adding keywords –– words or short phrases related to particular requirements for a job offer you apply for. Take a profound look at the job description and don’t forget to research the area of law of the target firm. Below, the managing attorney Riley Beam has explained the candidates’ need for an accurate job search and carefully composed application in the legal profession.

To stand out from a competitive legal market, make sure you emphasize those aspects of your experience that the employer is seeking. Stay yourself, but present your individuality most effectively. After all, it’s always better to send five highly tailored CVs than a hundred generic copies to get to the desired destination.

Creating a Strong Work Experience Section

Demonstrate your legal experience with concrete examples

Although this statement is self-explanatory, still, you need to remember that your experience in law is one of the most critical sections. Make it impeccable and add clear examples of your achievements and responsibilities. Hiring managers examine this section to find specific characteristics and keywords applicable to the role you’re applying for, especially reviewing your recent working places.

But wait, what if I don’t have much experience?

Highlight your education background that can become a true game changer if you are new in law. Think about your student research projects, internships, volunteer work, or any other activities related to the legal industry. Also, include any cross-sectional courses and certifications introducing your genuine interest in starting your career path in law.

Finally, people are an evergreen source of opportunities and inspiration for both skillful professionals and newbies in law. What if a meeting by accident at a conference or during your internship will lead you to a dream job? The Founder of the Tittle & Perlmuter law firm Allen Tittle finds a rich education section and numerous connections with legal experts a successful combo to mention in a junior lawyer resume.

Let’s move on to the soft and hard skill section.

Presenting Your Soft & Hard Skills

What’s new in 2023?

Public speaking is key for the legal market in high-stress environments, especially in courts. You need to be comfortable presenting your case and speaking confidently. Beyond this, lawyers must communicate well at smaller meetings with clients and other attorneys. Andrew Pickett, a trial attorney, highlights the following valuable skills that lawyers should possess in 2023.

Make hiring managers know that your presentation abilities can benefit a law firm by including information about how effectively you articulate your client’s intentions to other parties and attorneys.

What can shape your skill assets

Soft skill assets can only exist with hard skills and vice versa. Show your true personality but don’t show off your academic or work achievements. Try to tell a true story about your experience but don’t overload your resume with it. Real-life examples can help you become notable for recruiters so that they remember the real person, not another candidate who wants to be selected to fill the position.

Here’s what the trial attorney John L. (Lin) McCraw would call “real-life examples” that hiring managers may look for in 2023 resumes.

We have covered the primary components of a modern lawyer resume. Now, before you send out one CV sample, take a look at its length and visual appeal.

Final Touches: Structure & Style

Less is more – keep it to two pages or fewer

Did you know that, on average, hiring managers spend just 7.4 seconds skimming through a candidate’s resume? The chances of being noticed, especially in big and reputable law firms, are meager—no point in writing pages about how brilliant you are. Set yourself a length limit and stick to it.

Treat it like a contract where every mistake matters

Remember that your resume is a document that should be impeccable, with no mistakes and irrelevant data. While the quality of a contract determines whether it is valid, your resume defines whether your candidacy is worth considering.

Bottom Line

Now, you’re ready to create a resume that is more likely to bring you a job interview in 2023. With a sounding personal statement, solid work and education sections, and brilliant style and structure, your resume will show that you’re just a perfect suit for a company or law firm.

We wish you an enjoyable flight to the job of your dreams!

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