Loio Is Now a Part of Lawrina’s Ecosystem

The joy of working together to offer truly innovative solutions and transform the legal sector is incomparable. To achieve a common goal—to change the experience of law for lawyers and people seeking legal advice—Loio has officially joined Lawrina’s ecosystem. Read the article to learn more about Loio and Lawrina, and discover which benefits this cooperation brings to the legal community.

What Is Loio? 

A document drafting software powered by artificial intelligence, Loio is ideal for attorneys, landmen, real estate agents, and other professionals who negotiate and execute contracts for their businesses. This software gives you the power to build your business on a safe foundation. Simply put, Loio is your second pair of legal eyes to review essential agreements before signing them and make your contract management process flawless.

What Exactly Makes Loio So Great? 

  • Easy clause management. Clauses are like bricks that you need to build a flawless legal document. Loio’s AI technology allows you to identify potential problems in every clause. You can also find and insert hundreds of automatically generated up-to-date clauses from Clause Bank in seconds.
  • Flawless error detection. Enjoy error-free contracts with data accuracy in every letter and figure. Loio is an excellent risk assessment tool that points out critical mistakes and gives you a detailed Health Score of your contract. You can accept Loio’s suggestions to improve your document or leave it untouched.
  • User-friendly interface. A good legaltech should simplify your life, not complicate it. That’s why Loio is here for you. A simple installation process and onboarding allow you to immediately start using Loio for your daily tasks.
  • Contracts collaboration. Business is never steady. To successfully meet challenges, collaboration is critical. With Loio, you and your partners/colleagues can create personal provisions for industry-specific contracts and exchange them with a few clicks.

The above are only a few of the many reasons why Loio can become your essential contract review and drafting tool.

Lawrina’s Mission

The big idea behind Lawrina is to change the experience of law. Lawrina’s mission is to build a living ecosystem with free and simply-to-access essential legal information. We want to ensure that every product we make becomes essential to one’s legal toolkit and brings lots of value. 

Lawrina’s Ecosystem

In addition to Loio, Lawrina’s ecosystem now includes:

Lawrina’s Match

From a lawyer’s perspective, Lawrina Match is a great marketplace that features certified lawyers and helps them find ideal customers. From a customer’s perspective, Lawrina Match offers advanced search tools and even helps you determine what type of lawyer you need. In both cases, Lawrina is here to create what we call “a perfect match.”

Lawrina Templates

Lawrina’s packs and single templates provide you with all essential legal forms, whether you are buying a property, starting your own business, hiring a wedding photographer, or whatever else life throws at you. All legal templates are professionally designed by lawyers and easy to customize.

US Law

We believe that the law should be accessible to everyone. Lawrina has the US Law database with free and simple access to US law on both state and federal levels. Also, Lawrina’s Legal Blog helps you find answers to trending legal questions and better understand essential legal insights shared by legal professionals.

What’s Next? 

We love legal and are inspired to make you love it! Our goal is to continue growing Lawrina’s ecosystem, enhancing it with valuable tools and information to meet your everyday legal needs. Whether you want to become more efficient with Loio, grow your legal business with Lawrina Match, or need legal advice, Lawrina is here to help. 

Article by Inna Lohvin

Inna Lohvin (Ptitsyna) was a Product Communications Manager for Lawrina. Inna has a law degree and great expertise in legal innovations. Along with the work for Lawrina, Inna is a part of the international community of Legal Hackers, where she gives presentations about the importance of PR and marketing for lawyers.

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