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Loio Major Updates: Welcome Summary, Table of Contents, and Interface Design

Loio Releases Major Updates: Welcome Summary and Table of Contents Features Plus New Interface Design

Loio is constantly growing, and we are happy to make it more valuable and efficient for lawyers and contract professionals. This time, we are happy to introduce a set of important updates that will make the user’s navigation easier and more comfortable. 

In particular, in this update, we have transformed Highlights into Summary and turned Numbering into Table of Contents, along with updating the user interface design. All these changes are set to make Loio a better tool for contract reviews and reflect the needs of our users. So, what has been updated, exactly?

Let’s jump in and see.

What’s New?

Before we discuss every particular update in detail, let’s look at the general review of the changes Loio has undergone. Here are the key ones of them:

  1. We have totally changed our visual interface. We have made the website interface design and fonts simpler and “cleaner” to help you focus on your tasks. What do you think about our new look?  
  2. The Highlights and Numbering features have been upgraded to more powerful legal tech tools, now known as Summary and Table of Contents (ToC). Additional handy features have been incorporated into them to boost their functionality. 
  3. The Styling feature remains intact to assist you in swiftly and effectively fixing and refining document formatting. Its simplicity, precision, and speed have garnered positive feedback from our users.
  4. While big transitions can often feel a bit unsettling at first, we have upgraded our Help Center to support you during the change. It now includes articles on all new tools and provides guidance on how to utilize them. 

If you have any difficulties adapting to these changes, our devoted support team is available 24/7 to answer any queries or concerns you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out to them for assistance. Now, let’s see what exactly Summary and Table of Contents can do for you. 


Summary is a multifunctional instrument that can quickly find and mark all issues and the main data in your contracts. For your comfort, Summary groups all the scanning results in three information cards — Key Terms, Critical Issues, and Mild Issues. 

The total numbers from your Contract Health Score (CHS) show how well-drafted your contract is. The higher the score is, the fewer errors Loio has found in your document, and the other way around. CHS will update as you move on with your review and resolve the issues found by Loio.

Critical Issues and Mild Issues sections show high-risk errors that can harm your contract and less serious errors. Loio can find these types of issues in the amounts of money, dates, and references mentioned in your contract.  

In the Key Terms section, Loio highlights and sorts essential contract information details like money amounts, dates, definitions, references, places, parties, etc. All of them are grouped into the same-name categories to let you learn more about a specific type of information in your contract. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (ToC) is the more enhanced version of the former Numbering. ToC is set to help you navigate through contracts with more control and clarity. ToC lays out all parts of your contract in the right order, from Title to Annexes. 

We would also like Loio to help you manage clauses in your document soon. That’s why we are currently developing the Clause Analysis tool as a part of ToC. We hope that you will enjoy our new tools for lawyers that will assist you in more efficient contract reviewing and drafting of high quality. This update could not have been possible without the valuable feedback that we received from you, our dear users. Thank you so much for your input! 

Don’t give our word for it — just press Scan and check what the new Loio can do for your contracts! 

How Can These Updates Help You?

The recent updates to Loio aim to bring significant advantages to users, enhancing navigability and overall user experience. With a new and simpler custom user interface, one can focus more efficiently on their tasks. The Summary and Numbering sections offer increased functionality, making contract reviewing more streamlined and effective. 

Additionally, the Styling feature continues to provide its steady support in quick and precise document formatting and navigation. Overarchingly, these updates should empower contract professionals to execute their tasks with increased proficiency, comfort, and control.

Why Do We Keep Loio Up-to-date?

Keeping legal tech software updated is integral to maintaining the optimal functionality, security, and regulatory compliance of a law firm’s operations. With each new update, developers improve features, fix bugs, and enhance the user experience, ensuring that firms can work more efficiently and effectively. A key aspect of these updates is bolstering security measures to fortify sensitive data against emerging cyber threats, a pivotal concern in the legal sector where confidential client information is maintained. 

Moreover, updates often include revised compliance features to keep in sync with ever-evolving legal regulations and standards. Thus, regularly updating legal technology software is crucial to sustaining a secure, efficient, and regulation-aligned legal practice.


These transformative updates from Loio are a testament to our commitment to continuous enhancement, aiming to ensure our software used in law firms remains responsive to the evolving needs of lawyers and contract professionals. With an improved interface design, burgeoning functionality, and bolstered user support, we strive to foster a more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable experience for our users. As much as change may initially appear daunting, we believe these advancements will propel your contract review and drafting process to greater heights of efficiency and quality. We’re excited about these changes and look forward to hearing your responses and suggestions for software law firms use — do not hesitate to reach out with your input. Remember, change, when navigated wisely, paves the way for transformation and growth.

Article by Yevheniia Savchenko

Yevheniia Savchenko is a Product Content Manager at Lawrina. Yevheniia creates user interface copies for Lawrina products, writes release notes, and helps customers get the best user experience from all Lawrina products. Also, Yevheniia is in charge of creating helpful content on legal template pages (Lawrina Templates) and up-to-date information on US law (Lawrina Guides). In her spare time, Yevheniia takes up swimming, travels, and goes for a walk in her home city.

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