Top 10 Pet Peeves of Legal Pros

Top 10 Pet Peeves of Legal Pros

As a legal professional, what irritates you the most? If a pet peeve generator existed, what would yours churn out? Here’s your answer — this list collates what are the top 10 pet peeves of your fellow specialists on Reddit.

  1. “My pet peeve is when someone sends me a scanned print of a document instead of the original PDF.” (This is an unnecessary step that disrupts workflow!)
  2. “In some utility rate cases, folks print their Word documents, fax them to themselves, and then scan the result to a PDF. This renders the document completely unsearchable and impervious to OCR.” (Talk about a roundabout way to send a document!)
  3. “I am irritated when someone sends me a document that is cobbled together from numerous other documents, causing the formatting, font, and codes to be inconsistent. If you add a space somewhere, several pages turn blank, and half the document transforms into bullets and numbers.” (Inconsistency is indeed a hurdle to efficient workflow.)
  4. “Microsoft Word’s Autoformatting feature is among my top 10 pet peeves.” (We’re looking at you, Microsoft!)
  5. “Receiving documents late from my client is another frustration.” (Promptness and punctuality matter greatly, especially in law.)
  6. “I find the haphazard addition of tabs all over the place nonsensical. You don’t need 50 different tabs for a notary block.” (Let’s save the tabs for the appropriate use, shall we?)
  7. “Receiving multi-page documents from other lawyers without page numbers is one of my major pet peeves. It drives me crazy!” (Page numbers maintain order!)
  8. “When I inform someone that a task will require an hour and a half, yet they return in 45 minutes demanding the finished product, it annoys me.” (Respecting deadlines goes both ways.)
  9. “Trying to order medical records can be likened to a nightmare. I wish my boss would hire an external company to handle that for us.” (You can get Medical Power of Attorney at Lawrina)
  10. “Our industry’s absurd disregard for the Oxford Comma is inexplicable, given that we arguably have the most important job using it.” (Syntax matters!)

Bonus (To End on a Positive Note):

“I am fortunate enough not to have to transcribe anything. #blessed” (And that’s a great relief!)

What are the top 10 pet peeves? You may ask again. 

This list says it all!

In conclusion, legal professionals have unique pet peeves, mainly focused on work efficiency and administrative tasks. We must consider these peeves while creating systems or applications designed to help them in their professional lives. If you’re intrigued and want a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the legal field, read more here.

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Article by Yevheniia Savchenko

Yevheniia Savchenko is a Product Content Manager at Lawrina. Yevheniia creates user interface copies for Lawrina products, writes release notes, and helps customers get the best user experience from all Lawrina products. Also, Yevheniia is in charge of creating helpful content on legal template pages (Lawrina Templates) and up-to-date information on US law (Lawrina Guides). In her spare time, Yevheniia takes up swimming, travels, and goes for a walk in her home city.

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