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Lawrina Guides is a free legal research database that clarifies business, personal, and real estate issues for quick legal dispute resolution. Each Lawrina legal guide includes a detailed description of various areas of legal practice succinctly written with all recent amendments. The A-to-Z structure of Legal Guides helps users who need legal help to save time browsing through U.S. law and instantly get helpful information.

The FAQ section is an opportunity to explore specific topics in law based on example cases. As an extra tool for legal assistance, you can find Lawrina’s legal document templates, prepared by experienced lawyers, ready to fill out and use.

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Family Law
Find key takeaways to help solve your domestic issue.
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Landlord-Tenant Law
Know the rights of landlords and tenants and get protection from unforeseen circumstances.
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Labor Law
Consult the recent regulations of relations between employers and employees and labor unions.
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Sports Law
Review established principles of labor, antitrust, and tort law issues in U.S. sports.
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Probate Law
A legal description of recognizing wills and transferring real estate and other property ownership to beneficiaries.
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Immigration Law
Get armed with immigration law pathways assisting with smooth transition and settlement to the US.
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Lemon Law
State-compliant regulations and how to get compensation for defective vehicles or products.
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Criminal Law
Understand the nuances of US criminal law and how to protect your life from various offenders.
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