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Personal guides concern topics such as Family Law, Estate Planning Law, and Consumer Protection Law. Each page provides a thorough overview of the relative topic, suitable for both legal professionals and interested individuals. 

Personal guides can aid in understanding your case. They can be informative about your options and rights. In addition, each page of a guide offers a list of documents that may be useful in court, as well as a step-by-step guide for bringing an issue to court in the first place.

The guides feature up-to-date information that will be relevant for personal court cases. 

Family Law

In the Family Law section of the personal guides, you will find a comprehensive overview of what family law actually is and what it covers. This section features a number of helpful terms that make this area of law easier to understand. It also includes a section about temporary divorce orders.

Estate Planning Law

The personal guides for Estate Planning Law have two subsections — Probate Law and Last Wills Law. This section explains estate planning as a whole, including the relevant terms, documents, and parties. The guide can help you recognize when you might need to use the services of an estate planning lawyer.

Consumer Protection Law

Among all of our personal guides, the Consumer Protection Law guide is one of the most thorough and exhaustive. You will find information about Lemon Laws, warranties and service contracts, how to deal with a breach, and how to spot scams. This guide will help you learn how to protect yourself.

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    Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets to keep the house in a divorce?

This question is difficult to answer in one sentence, as there are many nuances guiding the decision of the presiding judge. For starters, the house will only be a topic in court if it was acquired during the marriage, not before. The simplest solution is often to sell the house and divide the money equally, but the judge might determine that a different remedy makes more sense in a given situation. It is also sometimes possible for one spouse to buy the house from the other. Lawrina personal guides cover these types of conflicts and more.

What if my ex-spouse is refusing to pay child support?

If child support is not received on time or not paid at all, the parent can ask the court to take legal action against the other parent. That legal action may be a fine, an increase in child support payment amount, and even incarceration (though highly ineffective in compelling payment and only used as a last resort). The person may lose points from their credit score and even be charged with a criminal offense in a court of law.

Can I adopt the child of one of my relatives?

Adoption is a big part of family law, which has its own section in Lawrina’s personal guides. The short answer is yes — you can adopt the child of your relative. However, this process is not generally simple. A social worker needs to approve your application, signifying that you are well-suited financially, mentally, and physically to provide a home for the child. Different circumstances, including the wishes and fitness of the child’s biological parents, may have an effect on this process.

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