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Georgia Business Law Lawyers

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Yenniffer is a deep thinker and is well known for her legal strategic skills. Yenniffer is an attorney who deeply considers every available legal avenue and how...
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Yenniffer is a deep thinker and is well known for her legal strategic skills. Yenniffer is an attorney who deeply considers every available legal avenue and how...
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Keeping businesses both fair and balanced is the goal of business law, which protects employees and employers. The main goal of business law is to ensure transparency and fairness for both parties, regardless of the many different aspects.

Contracts, intellectual property, commercial litigation, trusts and estates, employment law, bankruptcy, income tax, labor law, and immigration law are some of the legal matters covered by business law.

What is a Business Lawyer?

An Georgia Business law attorney is experienced at reviewing contracts, consulting with small business owners, negotiating complex deals, or litigating in court, among other tasks. It is important for a lawyer to be flexible, knowledgeable, and always looking for ways to help clients.

What Does a Business Law Attorney Do?

Business lawyers help owners solve problems related to their businesses. The most important benefit of business attorneys is that they help business owners understand the problems they are facing and those they will encounter in the future.

What types of problems are faced by business owners?


Choosing between an LLC, S Corp, or another business structure? Making the wrong decision can be incredibly expensive, and the results might not be realized for years.

Contract Writing

When you hire an employee or bring on a new client, what forms do you need? Are there any waivers that they must sign? How should the forms be worded? Your business lawyer can draft contracts customized to your specific needs.

Breach of Contracts and Disputed Contracts

How does a contract dispute work? What if the client doesn't pay? What if an employee shares trade secrets? A business lawyer can represent you in negotiations and lawsuits if necessary.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Want to buy out a competitor? Are you being acquired by a larger company or are you thinking about partnering with someone else? Be sure to be guided and advised through the process by a business lawyer.

Issues and Claims Resolution

Even the most prepared and well-meaning business owner might encounter workplace concerns relating to disability and sick leave, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Corporate lawyers provide clients with legal advice and represent them when issues arise.

Risk Management and Compliance

A business attorney with experience in compliance issues and the development of risk management systems, and business operations can be an invaluable resource for new and even established businesses.

Property and Real Estate Disputes

You will likely need the services of a business lawyer if your business owns or leases property. Real estate and tenant lawyers negotiate sales and leases, navigating complex and confusing laws.

When to Hire a Business Lawyer in Georgia?

The sooner, the better.

Many business owners spend thousands of dollars to rectify even simple, trivial, and honest mistakes. Many of those problems could have been avoided with a quick consultation with a business lawyer.

You might think you don't need a lawyer because you can handle this yourself as a business owner. But it is worth speaking with a Georgia Business lawyer and finding out for sure. Running your business is more important than trying to resolve a legal issue on your own.

How Do I Choose a Business Attorney in Georgia?

Personal referrals are the most common way for businesses to find lawyers. There is some validity to personal referrals, but be sure to ask how your friend or colleague knows the lawyer and what type of work the lawyer worked on. Someone who handled a lease a decade ago might not be the right match for your current legal needs.

Many entrepreneurs use online resources to find lawyers because their networks are limited. Online lawyer review sites are on the rise, but you should be wary of those sites and understand how they are making their reviews.

Before hiring a lawyer, it is important to speak with multiple lawyers. Comparing different advisors will give you a sense of what you value and dislike, what type of expertise they have, and how they approach whatever legal issue you're facing. It is best to work with an attorney you can envision building a long-term relationship with.

Here are some questions you should ask during an initial consultation to discover how a lawyer operates and whether they will be a good fit for you and your business:

  • What is your experience?
  • In terms of industry and size, who are your typical clients?
  • What are your main practice areas?
  • Does your firm have other lawyers in your law office? What are their specialties?
  • How can I arrange my fees?
  • How does the project work?
  • How quickly do you/they typically respond to clients?
  • How do you prefer to communicate with clients?
  • How does a lawyer-client relationship work for you? What makes it challenging?
  • Do you have references of clients similar to mine or for whom you've done similar work?

You can determine whether a lawyer is right for you by answering these questions. By doing your due diligence up-front, you can protect your business in the long term.

On Average How Much Does the Georgia Business Lawyer Cost?

Flat fees can be charged by business attorneys in Georgia for many things. An example might be preparing shareholder agreements.

Lawyers charge hourly rates for things that cannot be offered as a flat fee. On average, lawyers charge $300/hour, but their rates vary depending on their experience.

A clear explanation of your situation is more important than asking a law firm "how much will this cost.". You should also tell the lawyer what you want.

Before signing a retainer agreement, discuss the costs. It is not a good idea to start with the topic of costs. Additionally, your lawyer should get to know you before deciding on the costs.

Do Business Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

A consultation fee may be charged by some attorneys in order to determine whether they will be able to assist you with your legal issues. It's best to check in advance to see if an attorney charges an initial consultation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Online Work Covered by Business Law?

Business law does include online work. There are different aspects of online work business law addresses, from protecting your customers' privacy to collecting sales taxes from customers.

Why Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

You should always hire a business lawyer when dealing with any issue or venture to ensure you're fully compliant with the laws. You should ensure you're protected in any endeavor you undertake.

Is it Important to Consult a Business Law Attorney Before Launching a New Business?

The answer is yes. Your lawyer can advise you on how to proceed with your startup, depending on the type and size of the company. As part of this, you will determine what kind of business to open and how to ensure your business and legal rights are protected by business law.