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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the practice of locating a person who is missing or avoiding being found to collect a debt or to serve them with legal documents.

Can a small business owner attempt to collect outstanding debts without the help of a lawyer?

Yes, if a debt is owed to you, you may handle collections yourself; however, it is not a wise practice. Debt collection is heavily regulated. There are many consumer protection laws that you could easily violate if you do not know or completely understand them. It is always best to seek the advice and services of an experienced collections lawyer in your jurisdiction.

Can a collections attorney help me if I am the debtor?

Yes, a collections attorney can represent a creditor or a debtor. If you have been contacted by a collections agency or attorney, you should seek the advice of an experienced collections attorney to help you negotiate a settlement with your creditor.