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Frequently Asked Questions

I tested positive for a banned substance. How can I prove it was due to contamination?

When you test positive for a banned substance, the burden is on you to prove your innocence. Unlike other areas of the law where you are innocent until proven guilty, in sports doping cases, you are guilty until proven innocent. Many substances can cause a positive test through contamination. For example, certain foods, dietary supplements, and prescription medications can be contaminated and generate a positive drug test. You should hire an experienced attorney in sports law who can help you prove your innocence.

Sports attorneys may utilize the following methods to gather evidence for your case:

  • Documenting a food log of substances you consumed before your drug test;
  • Calling upon expert witnesses in the field of environmental contamination; and
  • Organizing a polygraph test to add credibility to your claim.
Could my personal sponsorship deal cause a breach of contract with my team or school sponsorships?

Personal sponsorships allow athletes to build their brand in the media, and athlete endorsement agreements are standard practice in the industry. However, your sponsorship could conflict with the promotional agreements in place for your team or school. Therefore, you should consult an attorney before signing any endorsement agreements to ensure there will be no legal consequences.

A company is using a photo of me in an advertisement that I didn't authorize. How can I have it removed and claim compensation?

A right of publicity claim might be available to you if your name or image was used for commercial purposes without your authorization. If the claim is successful, the company will have to remove the unauthorized photos. Contact a sports law attorney to assist you in protecting your brand and legal rights.