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Foreclosure Defense Lawyers Near You

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Steve Louis-Charles serves personal injury clients throughout the state of Florida, particularly the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether injured in a car accident, ...
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Steve Louis-Charles serves personal injury clients throughout the state of Florida, particularly the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether injured in a car accident, ...
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I have been practicing in the area of consumer bankruptcy law since 1992. I have likely filed more consumer bankruptcy cases than any other lawyer in Utah, and ...
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I have been practicing in the area of consumer bankruptcy law since 1992. I have likely filed more consumer bankruptcy cases than any other lawyer in Utah, and ...
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Debt is a problem for many American families, and an inability to pay bills can lead to a variety of problems. Past-due debts can result in financial hardship, creditor harassment, and lowered credit scores, while homeowners who can’t keep up with mortgage payments may also lose their homes through foreclosure.

What Is a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?

Working with the best foreclosure defense lawyer near you can help you determine whether bankruptcy can eliminate debts and allow you to become current on your mortgage. You may also pursue other legal advice and options from this specialist and their law firm that will allow you to retain ownership of your home.

What Does a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Do?

When a lender begins a foreclosure process, homeowners who cannot make their mortgage payments may worry they will lose their home. Foreclosure proceedings are automatically halted when you file for bankruptcy, and other creditors will be forced to halt collection efforts as well. Debtors may decide how to move forward with bankruptcy and deal with their past-due mortgage payments and other debts.

Homeowners often opt for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows them to consolidate their debts into a payment plan lasting from three to five years. Various types of debt may be included in this plan:

  • Credit card balances;
  • Medical debts; or
  • Tax debts.

If the debtor completes the repayment plan successfully while also making their mortgage payments, they will avoid foreclosure, and any remaining unsecured debts will be discharged. People or families can make affordable payments throughout the length of the repayment plan while still owning their home.

In some cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help homeowners avoid foreclosure. individuals must liquidate all non-exempt assets before their debts are considered discharged. A person may not have to liquidate a home in Chapter 7 bankruptcy if the equity in the home is less than the state’s exemption amount. Homeowners who stay current on their mortgage and make ongoing payments may discharge other debts in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, allowing them to regain financial peace.

If you do not qualify for bankruptcy or can’t currently make your mortgage payments on time, you may have other options to prevent foreclosure. Mortgage lenders may negotiate loan modifications, such as a temporary forbearance of mortgage payments, an interest rate adjustment, an extension of the term of the loan, or a repayment plan.

When to Hire a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?

People facing financial hardships that make it impossible or difficult to pay debts will need to know how to avoid home foreclosure. When filing for bankruptcy, an experienced lawyer can explain the options available to you and ensure that you take all steps correctly.

Debtors can also work with an attorney to find out whether alternatives to bankruptcy are available, and if foreclosure is inevitable, a lawyer can help homeowners understand their options, such as short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

In the future, homeowners can become better prepared to manage their debts by working with a lawyer who understands their legal options.

How Do I Choose a Foreclosure Defense Attorney?

Most people feel confident about their ability to pay off their mortgage when they buy a home for their family. Over time, anyone’s situation may change due to a job loss, illness, or divorce.

Attorneys are familiar with the current state of the law and can mount a sophisticated defense and ensure they’ll preserve your rights by following procedural rules. Additionally, you can discuss alternatives to foreclosure with them.

The following guidelines can help you compare attorneys knowledgeably:

Background and experience

Often, foreclosure defense is related to bankruptcy, real estate, and consumer law. A lawyer doesn’t need to specialize in foreclosure defense. However, it should form an important part of their practice. You should find a lawyer who has assisted homeowners in a situation like yours.

Professional record

By searching the state bar’s website for their jurisdiction, you can learn more about an attorney’s professional record. To get an idea of the events leading up to any disciplinary action, you may want to review the disciplinary action’s details.

Reviews and testimonials

You can read reviews by previous clients to get a feel for how working with an attorney would be. Even if your situation differs from a previous client’s, client reviews can be valuable.

If an attorney has received positive reviews from other attorneys, this indicates that they are well respected. You can resolve your case more favorably and efficiently if your lender, court, and opposing counsel respect them.


A foreclosure defense lawyer’s website or blog will usually highlight their most noteworthy successes. The outcome of each matter depends on the case facts, so you should not assume you will see the same results as a previous client.

What Is the Foreclosure Defense Lawyer’s Average Cost?

A foreclosure defense lawyer may charge hourly fees, but some may charge a flat fee. Foreclosure defense attorneys near you may provide flexible payment plans since people facing foreclosure suffer from financial distress.

A retainer fee is usually necessary upfront. If the case costs do not reach this amount, the client may receive a refund of the unused retainer fee. Your obligations should be clearly outlined in the representation agreement.

Do Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Prospective clients may receive free consultations from some foreclosure defense lawyers near you, while others may pay a modest consultation fee. After providing some initial details about your case, you can set up a phone or online consultation. Consultations help clients and attorneys decide whether they are a good match.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t afford a lawyer for a foreclosure defense near me?

Then, you could try to find a pro bono (free) attorney if you can’t afford to hire an attorney. There are some lawyers for foreclosures who take on pro bono cases to give assistance to people who are low-income or have no income.

According to state laws, is it possible to stop foreclosure?

If a foreclosure sale is set to take place in the next few days, filing for bankruptcy is the best way to stop it immediately.

What are the consequences of a foreclosure?

Foreclosure won’t ruin your credit forever, but it will have a substantial impact on your score for some time as well as your ability to get another mortgage. Foreclosure may affect your credit rating,as well as your interest rate. So that is why you need a lawyer for foreclosure defense near you.