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Mississippi Foreclosure Defense Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I not hire a Mississippi foreclosure defense lawyer?

If you cannot afford your home and have no interest in attempting to keep it, there is no point in hiring a Mississippi foreclosure defense attorney. Likewise, if there is no valid defense as to why you defaulted on your mortgage payments, hiring lawyers for foreclosures might be a waste of money.

When do you have to leave your home when it’s in foreclosure?

You have the legal right to remain in your home until the foreclosure process is complete. During the foreclosure process, you won’t have to make any mortgage payments. However, if you’re planning your defense and want to keep your home, you will usually need to keep up with the payments.

How long does the foreclosure process take?

Homeowners legally have 120 days from the date they defaulted on their first mortgage payment before lenders can file a foreclosure. The foreclosure process then takes several months to complete in most cases. However, foreclosure can take up to a year or more with delays due to disputing the foreclosure or with complex cases.