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Frequently Asked Questions

Are juveniles the same as minors?

A juvenile is different from a minor. A juvenile is a person under the age of full criminal responsibility, while a minor is under the age of full legal responsibility. The terms juvenile and minor are almost the same but are used in different contexts. Depending on the local laws, the age of legal responsibility may be different from the age of criminal responsibility. Juveniles are restricted to criminal law, while minors may also be used in civil law. Consulting your juvenile lawyer could help you understand the age restrictions in your jurisdiction.

Can juveniles be tried in adult courts?

Yes. Juveniles may be tried as an adult in the case of severe offenses from a certain age, such as homicide. Juveniles victims of offenses such as rape could also be summoned to an adult court. You can contact your juvenile lawyer for more information.

Can a juvenile court decision be appealed?

Yes, it can. A juvenile court can be petitioned for a rehearing. If the petition is rejected, an appeal could be filed with the juvenile court, which an appeal court panel will then hear.

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