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Montana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Report Nursing Home Abuse?

You should act immediately every time you suspect nursing home neglect or abuse. Nursing home abuse is severe and may result in untimely death. To report abuse, seek out the facility administrator and make a formal complaint concerning what you saw or your suspicion of abuse. Further, request that the director of nursing effectively remove a staff member from active duty until the matter is resolved.

Once you report, the nursing home administrator must report to the state authorities within twenty-four hours at most. Other reporting options include:

  • Call a nursing home abuse hotline;
  • Contact the nursing home residents’ ombudsman responsible for addressing complaints and educating the residents about their rights;
  • Get in touch with the Adult Protective Service Association; and
  • Connect with the National Center for Elder Abuse, an anti-abuse advocacy platform.

Once the report is with the state authorities, they will send personnel to investigate the matter and take action according to state and federal laws if the allegations are true.

What is Classified as Neglect in a Nursing Care Home?

Neglect is the intentional or unintentional failure to meet the resident's needs, including food, water, hygiene, clothing, and essential medical care. Any action of nursing home employees that can be deemed inadequate care resulting in physical or psychological abuse to the resident can be considered negligence.

Should I Move My Parent When Abuse Is Reported at a Nursing Home?

It depends on the sentiments of the residents. Ask the resident if they would be comfortable staying in the home if their grievances are addressed. If it is an extreme case of mistreatment, aggression, or neglecting a resident with delicate medical needs, consider relocating your loved one to a conducive home.