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Ohio White Collar Crime Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of legal defense is available for white collar crimes?

Innovative criminal defense lawyers effectively cross-examine witnesses and put their recollection or credibility to question. With a thorough understanding of the law, the lawyer may also be able to find a weakness in the federal prosecutor’s case and exploit it for the benefit of their client. Other defenses include coercion, incapacity, intoxication, or entrapment. 

Is there leniency for white collar crimes?

Even though such crimes do not involve violence, white-collar crimes have no leniency. Sentences for such crimes are usually the same as those for violent crimes. 

What is a grand jury?

A grand jury is a term used to refer to the individuals tasked with listening to the testimony of witnesses. A jury gathers relevant information given during the trial. The prosecutor serves as the legal advisor to the jury and determines the sequence of witnesses and flow of evidence. At the end of the trial, the jury decides to either indict or acquit the accused.