What is the Legal Citation Generator?

Everyone who has to deal with legal citations may struggle with the following questions: How to cite US code properly? How to ensure a correct legal citations format? How to not get lost while managing all these string citations and footnotes? How can I ensure the found source is credible to use? That’s why one starts looking for law citation software and online in-text citation makers.

The Legal Citation Generator is an online tool to do the hard and boring work for you and help with finding access to references in proper formats. We know how challenging it might be to spend hours looking for a trusted legal source. By entering the citation of the legal source you wish to read and cite, our generator will create a list of links to government websites and other trusted resources within seconds. When clicking on these links, you will be able to gain access to the legal document and read it entirely. 

Often, different citation formats appear in more than one legal publication. Therefore, within your list of search results, there will also be parallel citations. These are other legal documents that have a different legal citation example but refer to the same case or legal material which could be of interest.

How Does it Work? A Step-by-Step Guide

Our Legal Citation Maker is extremely easy to use, removing the hassle of referring to legal material in your legal documents. To use this citation machine, simply follow these steps:

  1. Paste your text in the field. Make sure that the text contains references to U.S. Federal, State, or Case law.
  2. Click the “Extract Links” button, and the Law Citation Maker will create a list of links to trusted U.S. law resources.
  3. Look through the list of results and click on the links to navigate to the external legal databases.

Who Will Benefit from the Law Citations Generator?

Anyone who is writing and citing legal material will benefit from our Law Citations Generator.

  • Law students. Students studying law will need to read legal materials and cite the material for essays, academic work, and research. They can use this Law Citations Maker to streamline the research process.
  • Legal professionals. Attorneys will need to check laws and codes for use in building their case or to cite as part of in-court documentation. The Law Citations Generator ensures safety and security of these processes.
  • Anyone working with legal sources. Our online tool is also beneficial not only for law professionals but for anyone reading legal material or articles. Anyone who wishes to read the cited documents and review references can gain a more thorough understanding of the topic.

By using our free Legal Citations Generator, you can gain access to the information that you need to support your case or legal report. Because we only provide links to government websites, you can be assured the information is from a trusted and reliable source and secure to use for your in-text citations. It also gives you more time to spend on writing your report or working on your case – you no longer need to partake in the time-consuming process of searching for where you can read certain laws, codes, and statutes, because our free tool does it for you.

The Advantages of the Law Citation Generator

Our Legal Citation Generator is beneficial for law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals for several reasons, including the following advantages:

  • Gives you back the time taken searching for reference materials;
  • Allows you to focus on the legal technicalities and cases;
  • Minimizes stress and frustration when writing brief & long legal reports;
  • Provides trusted and reliable links to create stronger arguments;
  • Gives law students a higher chance of getting better results.

Make the legal citation generating process easier and safer with our Legal Citation Generator.

Legal Citation Generator is based on unitedstates/citation. Source code for this site is at https://github.com/unitedstates/uslaw.link.
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