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Use an AI-driven software to draft and review legal contracts, remove inconsistencies, and never miss necessary clauses.

You deal with lots of contracts.
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With Loio, you can create legal agreements from scratch, spot missing clauses, and fix typos within seconds. You’ll save more time for your clients and start working more efficiently while ensuring accuracy, consistency, and legal compliance across multiple documents.

Who Is Loio for?


Rely on superior legal contract drafting tools to build an excellent reputation in the legal marketplace and maximize your time to make room for more clients.


Draft quickly and confidently with user-friendly legal contract review tools to boost your daily work productivity.

Land managers

Cut drafting time and streamline the collaboration process to minimize costly risks for your clients and company.

Business owners

Utilize Loio’s next-generation contract analysis to keep your contracts in top shape while developing your products and staying ahead of competitors.

Automatically detect missing clauses. And add them from a library of over 700 clauses.
Automatically detect missing clauses. And add them from a library of over 700 clauses.

AI technology that analyzes contracts in seconds, and each clause to the core.
AI technology that analyzes contracts in seconds, and each clause to the core.

Microsoft Word

Compatibility with macOS, Windows Desktop, and Office 365 online.

Privacy & Security

Complete privacy & maximum security for your agreements.

Loio Is Ready for You!

Get a “second brain” and simplify your legal contract review.

Loio Is Ready for You!

Get a Competitive Advantage

Integrated clause management with hundreds of clear clauses, automated tip generation, and much more.

Quick and Detailed Summary of Your Contracts

Loio automatically reviews your contracts and gives a score. You can accept Loio’s suggestions to improve your document or leave it untouched.

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Contract Score

Loio finds gaps in numbers, dates and more, and detects missing provisions using the latest innovation.


Browse the detected inaccuracies in one main taskbar to quickly eliminate them and provide the correct data.

Key Terms

The best legal contract review software is the one that works around the key terms of your contract.

Automated Clause Management

Craft impeccable agreements with legally compliant and clear clauses.

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Clause Analysis

Imagine having a smart assistant who scans your document for you and spots lacking provisions in seconds.

Clause Bank

Choose from over 700 generated clauses for different types of legal documents. Or add custom provisions and collaborate with confidence.

Integration with Clio Manage

Review contracts with Loio. Store, organize, and share them in Clio.
Integration with Clio Manage

Bilingual Contract Support

Are you working on papers in two languages? Loio makes bilingual contract writing a breeze. Compare both parts and instantly fix errors to avoid confusion and disputes.

Bilingual Contract Support

You Are More Powerful With Loio

Start for free with no commitments. There's a Loio plan for every workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal contract drafting?

Legal contract drafting is the art of creating a legal document from scratch by writing clauses for a specific type of contract. This task has always been a mundane manual routine in many areas – from the legal industry to real estate, where legal documents are essential.

Now, contract teams can benefit from legal contract drafting software. For example, Loio has an up-to-date Clause Bank with over 700 clauses matching any type of legal contract. Loio’s intuitive interface enables contract pros to find and insert the necessary provision right into the document text or create and manage personal clauses. When everything is in one place, more time is freed up for more productive tasks and communication with clients.

What is a legal contract review?

Legal contract review is a typical contract task in lawyer workflow. Every attorney knows how to check dates, money amounts, and other critical details in contracts, but only a few are aware of more efficient ways of a legal document audit.

Loio makes the legal contract review process more automated, quick, and simple for everyday use. After a legal document is scanned, lawyers can review and correct the found inaccuracies within the text. It’s like having a legal contract review checklist that saves time and lets you focus on priority work without stress and interruptions.

How to review a legal contract?

Here’s your step-by-step guide to reviewing a legal document with Loio:

  1. Open your contract in Microsoft Word.
  2. Make sure you’ve installed Loio from Microsoft AppSource.
  3. Sign in to your Loio account online and go back to MS Word.
  4. Choose your type of legal contract for more accurate scanning and reports. Tell us if you haven’t found your type of document.
  5. Voilà! Dive into the detailed report on your contract, where you can easily spot inaccuracies and fix them, review the found terms, and learn more about each clause in your document.