Legal Analytics & How Attorneys Use It

Updated January 5, 2024
14 min read
Legal Analytics & How Attorneys Use It


There are many new and exciting legal analytics tools available right now, and more are being launched every week. These tools have the potential to change the practice of law, increasing productivity, reducing errors, and improving client satisfaction. 

Successfully implementing new technology requires particular attention when selecting the technology. When selecting and implementing these tools, it is important that the new tools enhance, rather than disrupt, business processes. To increase the chances of successful implementation, carefully evaluate the available tools and have the right technical and change-management support to integrate the technology, modify business processes, and train and communicate with staff.

Article by
Michael Habash

Michael Habash is a technology program executive and attorney. He has over a decade of experience implementing and managing technology solutions, corporate policy, and risk management for large corporations and organizations. He stays active in the legal community helping law firms evaluate and implement legal technology and as a volunteer attorney.