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Cyrus Johnson Esq
California, Texas

About Cyrus Johnson

Corporates and investment companies benefit greatly having someone to help manage and accelerate their legal portfolios, working with teams of lawyers and issues, to bring design to achieve overall enterprise objectives. Today, Ai technologies make this even more critical, and sometimes easier. Since 2002, this is what Cyrus Johnson has done for Fortune 500, investors, founders, and their companies -- in Texas and California. Control legal spend and enhance legal impact/s. Triage, sort, prioritize, pre-solve and resolve. Maintain enterprise focus and effect through smart legal, organized. Inside of these many discrete legal issues (IP, litigation, technology, agreements, corporate structure, partners and personnel, rivals, compliance, more...) Today there are very effective technology solutions which can further streamline + maximize an enterprise's time, investment, and work.


Work experience

Cyrus Johnson Esq
Attorney | Jul 2002 - Present
2002 private law practice assisting with a variety of corporate, technology, investment matters. Provide C-level leadership to legal portfolios, teams, and objectives. Clients: Fortune 500, private equity, venture capital, family offices, independent business owners and investors.
Promise Legal, PLLC
Of Counsel | Apr 2024 - Present
Of Counsel for Dallas Technology Investment and Corporate with innovative law practice model Promise Legal, PLLC.


University of San Francisco School of Law
JD | Aug 1999 - May 2002
International law focus with additional study at Harvard and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (EU IP)


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