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More by pure chance than design, I arrived late in life to pursue a career in law. My hybrid background covers a decade as an Information Technology consultant with Accenture, and more than a decade as a small business entrepreneur and property developer. Adding my past experiences as a mildly disgruntled client of law firms affords me a unique perspective and goes some way to explaining my passion for the reinvention of the delivery of legal services. As well as being an early adopter, I love gadgets and am an avid reader and animal lover. About Founded in 2017, is a #NewLaw Firm with Blue Ocean Strategy® DNA A blog post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog written in August 2011 (just over a decade ago) by Ryan McClead was called "The Blue Ocean Law Firm". In 2017, it perfectly described the kind of law firm I wanted to create … "But what if we imagined a Blue Ocean Law Firm. One that ditched the conventional wisdom, and set out on a new path building the law firm from scratch … We’ll cut the long list of Partner names in the firm name and go with a simple catchy name like Blue Ocean Legal. In short, let’s get rid of everything that makes people hate attorneys and start providing services that are simply defined, easy to understand, and affordable…" What is a Deep Generalist? Quote from Warren Bennis. “The professionals who develop into really great client advisors are deep generalists.” Innovative Legal Products on our website Our website offers tonnes (some free) of Australian Law self-help wizards, smart legal document generation with embedded lawyer-logic, fun quizzes and DIY solutions, all supported by our legal team as and when required. Our innovative FREE U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa [Global] Legal Wizard is also available by way of an example of what we can develop and offer for the U.S. market, and our FREE Notice of Client's* Right To Mandatory Fee Arbitration ➲ California by way of example for the California market.

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Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Laws | 1987 - 1991
Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) | 1987 - 1991
Queensland University of Technology
Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice | Jun 2012 - 2012


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