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Entrusting your criminal law case to an attorney means that you are entrusting that attorney with your freedom, your life and sometimes the lives of your family members. It is therefore imperative and totally paramount that such an attorney is competent and dedicated enough to ensure that your case is effectively argued argued. Nicholas is known as a criminal defense attorney who leaves no stones unturned in combing through evidence held by the authorities against you or your loved one. Nicholas firmly believes that the chances of winning or losing a case are determined, in most cases, long before the court room. Nicholas is an exceptional defense attorney who strongly believes in the old school recommendation of putting time, effort and zeal into case preparation. He maintains that this is the point where facts which may otherwise have been missed become obvious to an experienced attorney who knows exactly what to look for. This has worked for Nicholas over a decade, and he has a high success rate. Entrust your criminal case, allegations or potential allegations to an extraordinary criminal defense attorneys in Nevada. Contact Nicholas Wooldridge today at LV Criminal Defense 400 S. 7th St #401 Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-623-6362




University of Nevada - Las Vegas
1999 - Jul 2002


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