How To Fund for Dog Bite Victims Before Settlement

Updated January 18, 2024
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How To Fund for Dog Bite Victims Before Settlement

In the United States, being a pet parent is a treasured part of the everyday life of millions. Indeed, many households enjoy the company of playful and lovely dogs, a steadily growing trend. However, accompanying the love and warmth of canine companionship is the occasional risk of dog bites.

To suffer a dog bite, for example, in California, can be an unsettling and often devastating experience that triggers not only physical injuries but also attached healthcare costs and potential legal consequences. Given the severity of these circumstances, it's not uncommon to find victims grappling with substantial medical bills and needing a pre-settlement loan to manage the financial burden. But what is a pre-settlement loan, and how can it be the safety raft you need when navigating the murky waters of a sudden dog bite incident?

The True Cost of Dog Bite Injuries

It's easy to understate the potential damage a dog bite can cause — after all, most canines look innocent and harmless, with fur that simply calls for a pet. But remember, behind the facade of enchanting eyes and fluffy coats lie sharp teeth and powerful jaws capable of inflicting severe physical damage. Dog bites can result in diverse injury types, including bone fractures, and pose a serious risk of transmitting rabies — a lethal viral disease known as a global health threat.

Potential damages from a dog bite range widely and may include:

  • Physical injuries: Dog bites can lead to a range of severe physical damages, including fractures. They also pose a risk of transmitting rabies, a deadly viral disease.

  • Psychological trauma: Victims often endure psychological stress, such as a fear of dogs, impacting lifestyle choices and daily routines.

  • Financial burden: The mounting costs of medical treatment and potential loss of income due to the inability to work exacerbate the financial stress on victims.

Pre-settlement loans serve as a financial lifeline amidst the upheaval that ensues after a dog bite incident by providing:

  • Immediate financial relief: These loans offer victims the means to manage direct expenses, creating some breathing space amidst the crisis.

  • Affordable rates: Despite common concerns about high rates, numerous companies offer these loans at more manageable, lower rates, significantly alleviating victims' financial distress.

Victims can avoid sinking into a financial crisis by using pre-settlement funding while focusing on their physical and psychological recovery. The ultimate aim is to ensure victims can wait out the duration of their lawsuits without worrying about monetary issues and hopefully secure the justice they deserve.

Understanding Pre-Settlement Loans

Pre-settlement loans are far from conventional loans. Known as "lawsuit loans" or "lawsuit cash advances," they represent a funding option accessible to plaintiffs awaiting verdicts or settlements. The critical difference here is the non-recourse nature of pre-settlement loans. Contrary to regular loans, they do not obligate the plaintiff to repay if they fail to secure a favorable settlement.


Instead, lenders offer cash advances based on the anticipated settlement amount. This involves purchasing a portion of a potential future lawsuit settlement from the plaintiff, enabling immediate access to cash for financial relief. Once the victim secures a settlement, the lender is repaid an agreed sum from the proceeds, inclusive of the applicable interest rates and any other incidental charges.

As a dog bite victim, should you find yourself strapped with burgeoning expenses while a personal injury lawsuit drags on, opting for pre-settlement funding might be an ideal solution. Besides providing immediate relief, this loan lets you pursue your lawsuit without worrying about payback unless you achieve victory — a win-win scenario for the victim.

Identifying the Need for Pre-Settlement Loans

Imagine being attacked by a dog, leading to severe injuries that sideline you from work for an extended period. How can you keep up with daily expenses, medical bills, and legal costs?

Navigating the courts also involves managing legal expenses, such as attorney fees, expert witness fees, and court filing charges. Moreover, pressing financial obligations like mortgage installments or education costs might not accommodate any delay pending case adjudication.

Here are the key benefits of obtaining a pre-settlement loan when dealing with less-than-satisfactory settlement offers from insurance companies:

  • Eases financial pressure: A pre-settlement loan can provide the funds needed to meet immediate cash demands, reducing the urgency to settle for less.

  • Increases bargaining power: With your immediate financial concerns mitigated by the loan, you can negotiate a fair settlement.

  • Supports vigorous pursuit of justice: The loan can cover legal expenses, empowering you to fight more effectively for the compensation you deserve.

  • Promotes a fair outcome: Ultimately, the pre-settlement loan enables you to resist premature, inadequate settlements and secure a more just and suitable compensation.

Given all these factors, securing a pre-settlement loan could be the financial lifeline you require to navigate through the aftermath of an unscathed dog attack.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Pre-Settlement Loan

Obtaining a pre-settlement loan isn't as simple as approaching a loan shark for financial aid; it requires adherence to an eligibility criterion akin to any regular bank loan. The process involves multiple considerations, such as the strength of your case, the estimated settlement amount, and your likelihood of securing a favorable verdict.

Lawsuit funding companies — the lenders in this scenario — often adopt their eligibility criterion. However, there are usually three chief requirements to secure pre-settlement funding:

  • An eligible, valid lawsuit: Fundamentally, you must have initialized an excellent personal injury lawsuit. Since pre-settlement loans are predicated on the anticipated settlement, an ongoing lawsuit is a prerequisite.

  • Legal representation: Engaging a personal injury lawyer is paramount to be eligible for a pre-settlement loan. Lenders generally prefer dealing with law firms or lawyers as they can effectively establish the strength of your claim and the potential recovery sum.

  • Eligible case type: Lenders often focus on certain kinds of cases clustered with higher settlement potential or previous success records. Your case type should ideally align with the lender’s preferred criterion.

Once you establish your eligibility, you can focus on navigating the legal process efficiently, empowered by the financial relief provided by your loan.


Being a dog bite victim is undeniably a distressing experience, extending beyond the physical pain to encompass a litany of financial and emotional burdens. It's important to understand that at first, you have the right to file a letter of intent to sue against the dog's owner, whose negligence may have contributed to your suffering, and secure just compensation. This letter is a formal notice that you intend to embark on legal proceedings to seek damages for your sustained injury.

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Navigating a dog bite situation with a personal connection should encourage you to seek rightful compensation. However, you may consider accepting if the accused party offers a fair settlement without legal action. When forced to pursue a lawsuit due to insufficient compensation, a pre-settlement loan can ease the stresses of the lengthy legal process. These loans provide immediate funding to cover expenses, allowing you to focus on recovery rather than mounting costs.

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