Where To Find a Lawyer: 5+ Proven Options

Updated January 24, 2024
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Where To Find a Lawyer: 5+ Proven Options


It might be difficult to find good lawyers, but finding your perfect match can be like finding a good barber — you'll go to the same guy over and over again.

Why does it matter? Working with a competent and innovative lawyer is essential to your success when you deal with a legal issue. A good lawyer can represent your case, explain the legal implications of the available options, and guide you through the legal process. Read along and discover the best way to find a lawyer. 

What To Look for While Searching for a Lawyer?

While searching for a lawyer, your main interest is ascertaining that they are sufficiently competent to handle your matter. Here is what you assess: 

  • Education and certifications;

  • Languages spoken;

  • Their legal area of specialty;

  • Reviews and comments left by past clients; 

  • Any awards and accolades in recognition of outstanding legal work.

Extra tip: Don't work with general practitioners! They may have a general understanding of the law but aren't trained and experienced in specialized fields.

Where Should I Start To Look for a Lawyer?

If you wonder how to find lawyers, ask your friends and family for recommendations. You could also consider checking out ads and commercials that advertise lawyers. This is a good starting point.

As you search for attorneys and review your options, it might be challenging to get comprehensive information. With databases such as Lawrina, you can connect with lawyers based on your location or your type of case. Find a trusted attorney near you.

How To Find Attorneys: Possible Options

Finding an attorney is not difficult if you know where to look and you can carry out a precise due diligence process to independently determine whether the attorney is reliable and qualified. Here is how to find a good lawyer near you: 

Personal referrals

Seek out people in your network who have had the same legal challenge as you. For instance, if you are looking for a divorce attorney, seek referrals from divorce care groups near you or friends who have been through a divorce. 

However, do not hire an attorney based on a personal referral alone. Consider setting up an initial consultation with them to determine whether their style and approach suit your needs.  

Business referrals

Ask business associates in your network to offer candidates you may engage as your attorney. Professionals who provide services to you or your business, such as accounting and insurance providers, may have trustworthy attorneys they work with or as part of their network. Yet, as with recommendations from friends, do not hire an attorney based on a referral alone. Perform a character and fitness check to determine their suitability to serve your interests. 

State bar association

You may also find an attorney by searching for one on your state bar association website. To find your state bar association website, go to Google or your preferred search engine, type in the name of your state, followed by the words "bar association." Once you find the website, you can search for a lawyer either by name or by nature of the legal issue you are facing. Use the name search option if you have an attorney's full name and any other descriptive information that can help you distinguish them from others with similar names.

To search by legal topic, you need to indicate why you need an attorney. Most bar association websites provide a list of practice areas that you can select from that are the most relevant to your issue. You may have to provide additional details, such as the potential attorneys' location, education, and language proficiency. After giving the necessary information, you will receive a list with your search words. You can click on any name that best suits your needs. Most searches list the best ones that match first.

The state bar website is also an excellent resource for establishing your potential lawyer's reputation. From the attorney profiles, you can tell whether an attorney is in good standing, their license is active, or they have any unresolved disciplinary issues.

Searching for an Attorney: Tips and Tricks

Using the tips and tricks shared in this section, you will discover that finding a lawyer is relatively straightforward when you know where to find lawyers. 

Discover the power of online markets

People often ask us, "Where can I find a lawyer?" Well, here's the thing, lawyers market their services online. You can always find lawyers online using terms related to the area of law you require legal services.

You can also use the American Bar Association lawyer referral directory to search for state and local bar associations. The search results on the website will list legal clinics and lawyer referral services (LRS) in your state or county that can further your lawyer search.

Perform a character and fitness background check

An essential tip on how to find the right lawyer is to perform a character and fitness background check. Once you find four to five options of possible candidates, you can narrow your search by performing a light background check.

Run your attorney's name and any states they may have practiced in through a quick Google or other search engine search to see whether there will be any negative or positive media mentions. If you notice anything relevant and suspect, you may consider not engaging the attorney or asking the attorney for an explanation regarding an incident. On the other hand, if you come across positive acknowledgments, you may conclude the attorney enjoys a positive reputation. 

Likewise, your state's bar association has a directory of licensed state lawyers. On the website, you can search your preferred attorney's name and bring up the following information:

  • Date of admission to the bar and their admission number; 

  • License status — whether active or inactive;

  • Contact information, which includes telephone number, email, or website; 

  • Disciplinary history.

Suppose you find there is disciplinary action taken against the attorney. In that case, it is best to consider whether the action is likely to affect your interest or the attorney's ability to handle your case. Consider asking the attorney about disciplinary actions in their record to understand the context and make an informed decision. 

Engage potential candidates in an initial consultation

The initial consultation is the last step in your 'how to find a good attorney' process. Before choosing a lawyer from your list of potential representatives, contact each viable candidate for an initial consultation. Even though most attorneys offer free initial consultations, it is essential to ask before booking a session.

During the consultation, prepare a list of questions to ask your attorney: 

  • What is your experience in handling similar cases?

  • What is the likely outcome of my case?

  • What are the approximate legal fees for the case? 

The consultation will give you a good sense of the lawyer's abilities and personality. Bring any relevant documents and be prepared to explain your problem. You can also decide whether the attorney will serve your interests based on their comments on your case and the likely outcome scenarios they give you.

Final Remarks on How To Find the Best Lawyer for Your Case

Once you know where to look, finding lawyers is easy. However, the essential part of your search is not just finding potential attorney names or law firms. You need to determine if a potential attorney is trustworthy and specializes in the area of law you require guidance or representation. 


Remember, regardless of how you find your lawyer, always ensure you don't just rely on referrals or advertisements. Conduct your due diligence and engage the prospective lawyer in an initial consultation to gauge their skills, style, and approach. The right lawyer will not only have the necessary expertise but will also understand your individualized needs and ensure your interests are best represented. Through platforms like Lawrina's legal directory, finding a lawyer has been simplified and made more accessible, but the key to finding the perfect fit remains in your hands.

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