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Create your Lawrina Templates account in just a few clicks. Manage and use purchased templates from your dashboard whenever you need them.
It only takes five minutes to answer simple template-specific questions.
Legal Documents
Lawrina’s templates are easy to edit, print, download, and share with relevant parties.
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Wherever you are in the U.S., you can always submit state-compliant legal documents.
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Lawrina legal professionals regularly update our templates to ensure that our customers are armed with legally binding documents.
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With Lawrina Templates, you can solve your legal issue from many angles. Document templates, state laws, or common cases – find everything you need on Lawrina.
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Users Monthly
Lawrina customers create legal documents with us and find answers to legal matters in our blog articles.
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All up-to-date information on each party’s legal rights, from eviction processes to US military law, with relevant timelines.
Dedicated legal forms for many types of legal matters. Created and revised by Lawrina lawyers.
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Whether you're growing business, solving family issues, or doing personal deeds, Lawrina has a template to suit your needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are contract templates?

Legal contract templates are blank forms, ready to fill out online or by hand. Professional lawyers create these templates according to established legal standards and recent law amendments. Legal clients can rely on the template’s high quality when they fill out the form and submit it quickly where necessary.

Lawrina Templates provides over 100 legal document templates for your business needs, real estate issues, and family matters. Answer template-specific questions while editing the selected form and download a complete legal document in PDF.

Are legal templates legit?

Legal templates are legit if they are created by experienced legal professionals. They draft legal forms in plain language, not complicated legalese, which enables you to easily fill out your template and stay on the same page with the other party. Lawyers who compose legal contract templates for multiple uses also consider state law in the U.S. and regularly update them.

Lawrina legal team ensures that all legal document templates are clear and comprehensive and correspond with the current U.S. legislation.

Do legal templates cost money?

Drafting a legal contract may be included in lawyer consultation services which often cost a fortune, depending on your legal issue. 

Lawrina Templates offers a single template for $29.95 and a monthly Premium subscription for $19.95. After buying the subscription, you can edit as many legal templates as you need and safely store them in your Lawrina account. Lawrina legal contracts templates are easy to search, access, and download from any device whenever you need to solve your legal matter in minutes.

Where can I get legal templates?

You can ask a lawyer to draft a legal contract template or buy one online.

Lawrina Templates is an affordable collection of legal templates for various legal issues in business areas, the real estate industry, and personal life. We provide multiple types of bills of sale, lease agreements, service contracts, and simple legal forms like photo release or child care authorization.

Are legal templates safe?

Legal templates contain all essential information regarding your purchase and sale deal, lease, or share of a specific property, and more, which protects you and the other parties from possible legal disputes. When the key details are outlined in the same agreement and agreed upon by both parties, there’s nothing to worry about.

All the data that you insert into your template is protected on Lawrina. Since all your legal contract templates are stored in your Lawrina account, you are the only person with access to your saved documents. We recommend not sharing passwords to your account with unauthorized parties.

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