15 Legal Documents Everyone Should Have

Updated November 28, 2023
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15 Legal Documents Everyone Should Have

Life is full of unpredictability. Although we want to believe that we are in 100% control of everything, the reality is that all we have is the illusion of control. We can never predict such things as facing a severe illness, disability, or death or the legal issues resulting from not having a carefully drafted estate plan, for instance.

Taking the time to ask what legal documents everyone should have on hand will prepare you and your loved ones if you are not able to make your own medical decisions, for example. It is a reasonable long-term investment. Read the article to find out the most essential and popular legal documents & templates that everyone might need at some point in this crazy life.

List of Important Documents to Keep Safe

The following personal legal documents checklist includes agreements every adult should consider having for specific situations that happen in life. 

1. Bookkeeping Agreement

Bookkeeping can be stressful and boring. When you lack attention to detail and are not comfortable with numbers, hiring a professional bookkeeper is a good idea. If you start your own business, it even becomes a necessity. With a bookkeeping agreement, you can secure the management of all financial operations, business and personal, to avoid potential costly risks.

2. Child Care Authorization Letter

Children are our most precious treasures, so we must be particularly careful when delegating responsibility for their care to another person. Parents often use child care authorization letter to give someone else permission to temporarily look after their child. The document gives the named person the right to make decisions about what is best for the child’s welfare.

3. Commercial Lease Agreement

When renting a building for a business, a commercial lease agreement, an enforceable agreement with the landlord, can help the parties avoid potential legal difficulties. The right to use the property for business or other commercial activity for a predetermined amount of time is granted to the tenant by the lease in exchange for the regular payment of rent.

4. Consulting Services Agreement

This agreement is designed to be used by clients who hire consultants to perform professional services in situations that are not considered employment. Whatever consultant services you might need in life, it’s better to stay on the safe side and get consulting services agreement.

5. General Bill of Sale

If you have asked what legal documents I need for this purchase, remember that many large transactions require a bill of sale. This legal record protects both parties by documenting the details of the transaction, including the purchased item, the amount paid, the names of the parties and their signatures, and the date. A bill of sale serves as evidence for the seller that the transferred item was accepted by the buyer in the stated condition.

6. Image Removal Request

Did someone publish your photo without your permission? This legal form is a warning to unauthorized parties and reliable protection for image creators in copyright ownership issues. Sending an image removal request is a legal step to prevent other parties from spreading pictures that do not belong to them.

7. Last Will and Testament and Affidavit

A last will and testament is one way to transfer your assets to your loved ones according to your wishes upon your death. The affidavit proves that the testator has signed the document under no pressure. Although usually, this document is at the top of the list of important documents for seniors, it is very important at all times. Young people should also consider drafting it ahead to make everything right.

8. Letter to Neighbor about Nuisance

When neighbors consistently disturb your peace, there may come a time when something must be done. A letter to a neighbor about nuisance problems can remind them about public peace. This legal document is the next step that may be available if talking doesn’t work. 

9. Non-Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will help you ensure the confidentiality of your business’s sensitive information. This document gains legal force as soon as both parties sign it. 

10. Purchase and Sale Agreement

Buying and selling items can be a smoother process when both parties sign a purchase and sale agreement. With this legal document, even expensive merchandise can be delivered legally across the U.S. at the arranged date and time with reduced delay and stress. 

11. Residential Lease Agreement

A reliable landlord-tenant relationship is key to successfully leasing a residence. The residential lease agreement defines that relationship, including specific terms, fees, and rules.

12. Restaurant Partnership Agreement

Establishing a partnership in the restaurant business can provide endless potential for growth. A restaurant partnership agreement is used to create collaboration between two and more restaurants for new cuisine, full integration, or a joint event. 

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Consider using collaboration agreement template to formalize your partnership and establish clear guidelines for working together towards a shared goal.

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13. Tenancy in Common Agreement

Are you and your co-owners contemplating arrangement details about a jointly owned property? Use a tenancy in common agreement to clearly outline each party's ownership percentage and rights. This legal document is essential in setting clear expectations and mitigating potential conflicts among owners in shared property ownership situations.

15. Wedding Photography Contract

Quality photographs are important for precious life moments like weddings. After signing this legal contract, photographers will do their best to catch the best pictures. The photography contract will include the location, guests, number of photos, post-editing, and prints to be provided.

Bonus document — Bookkeeping contract

Juggling the financial aspects of personal or business operations can be daunting. That’s where professional bookkeepers come in handy, transforming dread into relief. Investing in a bookkeeping contract when hiring a bookkeeper can ensure a smooth ride management-wise, all while minimizing financial risks.

This agreement lays out the specifics of the bookkeeping service to be provided, covering terms such as payment, duration, confidentiality, and parties’ responsibilities. It ensures that bookkeeping tasks, from maintaining ledgers to preparing financial statements, are handled with precision and professionalism. Its structure is adherence-bonded, safeguarding you from probable costly detours and errors.


Some of these documents can help you to live a better life. Others can help you to leave your assets to your loved ones according to your wishes. Prepare your legal documents as carefully as possible.

If you have a difficult time putting the words together for this kind of thing or no time at all, Lawrina Templates includes professionally drafted templates that are easy to edit and personalize. You don’t need to search for every single doc. Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

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