7 Reasons Solo Entrepreneurs & SMB Owners Should Use Legal Templates

Updated November 28, 2023
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7 Reasons Solo Entrepreneurs & SMB Owners Should Use Legal Templates


Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs deal with legal issues all the time. Whether it’s conflict cases with clients or employees or something as simple as legal documents, many of a business’s operations have legal implications. 

However, not all business owners are free to play “CEO” and “main legal counsel” at all times. There are many instances where they need to streamline their legal affairs. The most common legality they need to deal with is legal forms and documents. 

What are Solo Entrepreneurs and SMB Owners?

Solo entrepreneurs, also called solopreneurs, are business owners who run a whole business by themselves. They don’t employ staff either because they don’t have the cash flow necessary to start a payroll or are in no need of it. These people usually need a lawyer to handle legal document management.

SMB owners, or small to medium-sized business owners, are entrepreneurs who employ a handful of staff. In most cases, these small or medium-sized businesses have between one and fifty employees. 

Digitalization Empowers All

The world is evolving before our very eyes. We now rely on digital tools like legal document management software all the time to run our businesses. So if your company doesn’t have a system to handle legal templates and documents, it’s about time you started doing so.


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