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An affidavit of gift is a legal document that officially records the transfer of ownership of a specific item from a donor (the person giving the gift) to the recipient (the person receiving the gift). Edit this affidavit of gift template online on Lawrina and download a ready-made PDF document to your device in minutes.
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Document Types
Affidavit of Birth
This document is used to provide verified facts regarding the birth of an individual.
Affidavit of Death
This document is used to declare an individual's end officially for various processes.
Affidavit of Domicile
This document proves a person's legal place of residence for tax and inheritance issues.
Affidavit of Heirship
This affidavit identifies rightful heirs and ensures an orderly distribution of assets.
Affidavit of Identity
This document verifies the identity of an individual in various legal matters.
Affidavit of Ownership
This document attests to the ownership of tangible and intangible assets.
Affidavit of Residency
This affidavit verifies the home address of the live person or the decedent.
Affidavit of Service
This affidavit confirms a notice has been served during a court proceeding.
Affidavit of Survivorship
This legal form helps the surviving owner of jointly owned property claim survivorship.
Certificate of Trust
This form confirms a trust's existence and details its critical elements.
A general affidavit is often used for affirming the truth of information under oath.
Small Estate Affidavit
This affidavit is used to bypass probate when distributing the decedent's small property.
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An affidavit of gift is a legal document that officially records the transfer of ownership of a specific item from a donor (the person giving the gift) to the recipient (the person receiving the gift). This document serves as concrete evidence of the gifting transaction, explicitly stating that the item has been given freely and voluntarily, without any coercion or exchange of money.

This critical tool protects the interests of both parties, ensuring that the gift transfer occurs in a legally recognized manner. It reduces the chances of future disputes over the ownership, rights, or value of the item. Ensuring the use of such an agreement can provide a solid platform for defending your legal rights and interests, particularly when transferring significant assets through a gift affidavit form.

When to Use an Affidavit of Gift

There are numerous occasions where one might want to use a gift affidavit. A common situation arises when a high-value asset, like a car or real estate property, is being gifted. In such cases, these types of agreements create a formal, recognized record of the asset's change of ownership.

Free gift affidavit forms available online could also be used in less formal situations, like birthday parties or Christmas, where a person wants to officially recognize a significant gift. Regardless of the situation, a thoroughly executed gift letter affidavit can help assure the involved parties of the gift's legality and validity.


  • Donor –– This is the person or entity that is providing the gift. They take on the responsibility of freely and voluntarily giving the item in question, without any coercive actions or expectations of a return gift or monetary compensation. Once the gift has been given, the donor typically completes an affidavit of gift form, affirming that they have willingly passed on ownership of the item to the recipient. This document signifies that the donor has executed the gift transaction, granting the recipient complete and unrestricted ownership of the said gift.

  • Recipient –– This is the person, group, or institution on the receiving end of the donor's generosity. In the context of the affidavit of gift, the recipient is entrusted with the responsibility of acknowledging the receipt of the gifted item and accepting the associated ownership rights. Upon doing so, the recipient becomes a party to the legal document, which is the affidavit of gift, where they concur on the gift receipt. These affidavits are frequently notarized and kept as formal records, safeguarding both the donor's and recipient's rights in the transaction.

Key Terms

  • Donor: The individual or entity giving the gift.
  • Recipient: The individual or entity receiving the gift.
  • Voluntary Transfer: The process of willingly giving up ownership rights to an asset.
  • Notary Public: A public official who verifies the identities of the signatories and their willingness to sign the document voluntarily.
  • Ownership Rights: The privileges and rights an individual or entity has over an asset.

How to Write an Affidavit of Gift

A gift affidavit letter is a pivotal legal document that signifies a voluntary transfer of a particular asset from a donor, the person giving the gift, to a recipient, the person receiving the gift. It's advisable to use gift affidavit templates from reliable sources or consult a legal professional to craft an accurate affidavit of gift. 

The following guidelines can help you fill in a gift affidavit form PDF seamlessly, whether you are the donor or the recipient:

  1. Provide the information about you, including your legal name and contact details. 
  2. Explicitly state the type and value of the gift that's being transferred.
  3. Describe the gift in detail, including any identifiers like serial number or address, if applicable.
  4. Prepare a clear declaration stating that the gift is being given voluntarily and not under duress or coercion.
  1. Specify the name of the donor and describe the item being gifted. 
  2. Affirm that the asset or item is being received voluntarily and without any form of undue influence or pressure. 
  3. Express a clear understanding and acceptance of the gift.
  4. Declare that you have not given anything in return for the gift unless otherwise stated.
  5. Provide a plan or affirmation for how the affidavit of gift document will be endorsed by a public notary. 

Both parties should review the affidavit of gift, preferably with legal counsel, to protect their interests. 

Drafting a gift affidavit PDF is a critical step in the asset transfer process. It affirms the parties' intention, recognizes the gift transaction, and mitigates potential future disputes. Utilizing a customizable affidavit of gift templates can simplify this process, ensuring all necessary details are included. It's vital to understand what is a gift affidavit and its importance for a smoother, lawful gift transfer.