How Does Affidavit of Survivorship for Vehicle Work in Wyoming

Updated September 26, 2023
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How Does Affidavit of Survivorship for Vehicle Work in Wyoming


Making sense of the legal jargon isn't always simple, but it's essential when dealing with documents like an affidavit of survivorship vehicle in Wyoming. Understanding how to navigate these processes can make all the difference. Let's take a closer look at the filing process and the importance of the affidavit of survivorship vehicle process in this blog post.

What Is an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle?

An affidavit of survivorship vehicle is a legal document that signifies the legal transfer of a vehicle's ownership from a deceased co-owner to the surviving one. Typically, this comes into play in cases of joint ownership where a right of survivorship clause is implicit.

For instance, in Ohio, real estate automatically transfers to the survivor upon the death of a joint tenant. Similarly, with an affidavit of survivorship vehicle, if one joint owner dies, the surviving joint owner gets the right to acquire ownership of the vehicle. 

It's essential to understand when and how to fill out an affidavit of survivorship form to ensure a smooth transition of ownership. In Vermont, for example, per statute title 23, section 2023, the state's DMV accepts the affidavit of survivorship vehicle as evidence of the vehicle transfer upon death of the joint owner. This kind of knowledge can be instrumental in easing the process of transferring vehicle ownership using an affidavit of survivorship vehicle.

Key components of affidavit of survivorship for vehicle

The affidavit of survivorship for a vehicle consists of several key elements, each serving a purpose in conveying vehicle ownership effectively. Understanding each of these components can drastically simplify the process of completing the affidavit of survivorship vehicle form.

Firstly, it's important to list the crucial identifying details of the deceased owner. This typically includes their full name, date of birth, and date of death. Any ambiguity might potentially delay the process, making this an indispensable part of the affidavit of survivorship vehicle.

Next in line is the surviving owner's information. Much like the deceased owner's details, this will include full name, address, and contact information. The clearer the demarcation of identities, the smoother the affidavit of survivorship vehicle transition tends to be.

A comprehensive description of the vehicle is another critical component. This generally encompasses the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, year, and title number. These details give the affidavit of survivorship vehicle its specificity, helping authorities ensure the correct vehicle is transferred to the right individual.

In essence, a statement affirming the surviving owner's entitlement to the vehicle under the right of survivorship is the heart of the affidavit. It legally asserts the transfer of ownership, culminating the affidavit of survivorship vehicle process.

Each component plays a crucial role in validating the affidavit of survivorship vehicle, ensuring a lawful and hassle-free transfer of the vehicle ownership to the surviving owner.

Wyoming Laws on Affidavit of Survivorship for Vehicle

Wyoming law states that an affidavit of survivorship vehicle in Wyoming must legally transfer automobile ownership to a surviving partner. This stipulation applies when the car is owned jointly, specifically with rights of survivorship.

It's essential to understand how these laws operate in Wyoming, as expectations can vary from state to state. There are also specific rules and complicating factors connected to joint ownership and affidavits of survivorship. You’ll find it fruitful to consult with lawyers who work with business issues, demonstrating another intersection of laws about both property and family.

Steps To Complete an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle in Wyoming

Taking the steps to complete an affidavit of survivorship vehicle in Wyoming starts with procuring the necessary form and filling it out with the required details. This includes the full names of both the deceased and surviving owner, a thorough description of the vehicle (make, model, year, and VIN), and the date of death of the deceased owner.

You'll also need legal proof of the death of the co-owner, such as a death certificate. Having collated all required documentation, the surviving co-owner then signs the affidavit. Remember to seek the services of a Wyoming Notary Public to get the document notarized, bolstering its legal standing. To be sure to include all the necessary clauses in your document, use a ready-made affidavit of survivorship template

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Next Steps after Submitting an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle in Wyoming

Once the notarized affidavit of survivorship vehicle in Wyoming has been suitably prepared and submitted, be prepared for a processing period. The new title, reflecting the surviving owner as the sole proprietor, will eventually be released by the DMV. Until you receive this, ensure to keep a copy of the affidavit in the vehicle at all times.

Remember also to review other business templates and documents that might come in handy in similar situations. Keeping your legal affairs in order can be an ongoing process.


The experience of navigating the legal aspects of a loved one's death is never easy. Fortunately, by understanding how to correctly execute an affidavit of survivorship vehicle in Wyoming, you're taking the first step towards a smoother transition of vehicle ownership.

Remember, we are in an age where you can rely on digital platforms like Lawrina, a reliable legaltech ecosystem, to guide you through such processes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fill out an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle?

When filling out an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle, you need to diligently provide all the relevant entries in the appropriate fields. Typically, this includes details such as the name of the surviving owner, information about the deceased co-owner, and vehicle-specific details, like the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For instance, in the state of Texas, as per the TxDMV.GOV, the form VTR-122 needs to be accurately filled to process an Affidavit of Heirship for a Motor Vehicle.


How to submit an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle in my state?

The submission procedure for an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle varies across different states and generally involves submitting the completed document to a relevant department like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). 


For example, the State of California's DMV requires the surviving owners to present the completed affidavit in person at a local DMV office, supported by relevant documents.


Is notarization required for an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle?

Indeed, typically, an Affidavit of Survivorship for a Vehicle must be notarized to have legal validity. However, always cross-reference the specific requirements in your state to be fully sure. 


For instance, as highlighted in the Colorado Department of Revenue's motor vehicle forms, the DR 2710 (Beneficiary Designated Joint Tenancy Affidavit) must be notarized to cement its legality.