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Updated Jul 11, 2023
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Artist short bio is a document necessary for the worldwide open-calls, art-exhibitions and art-residential application, which simplifies the process of applying for both, the Artist and the Curators. Followed by all rules of such type, Artist Short Bio helps the gallerists and the curators to fulfill artist information on the exhibition field and the printed materials, such as catalogues, books and annotation.

Template description

How often you were asked to send an Art Bio to the galleries or art-curators?

How many times you rushed to write at least something to send, but it didn’t look like a pro?

Problem solved!

Now, you have our Artist Short Bio Template!

Artist short bio (artist biography) is a document which is asked for the open-calls, art-residence appliance, for the gallery grants and exhibitions.

This form is adjusted with all the rules in question, in accordance with top-gallerists and art-curators expectations.

What is an Artist Short Bio template?

Artist Short Bio template consists of all the information needed, including artists biographical data, education, Professor mentorship, selected personal and group exhibitions, Art Awards gained, Press coverage and publications, and the galleries representation.

Where and when will you need this type of document?

  • Open-calls

  • Art Residences

  • Applying for grants

  • Applying for art-contests

  • For the gallery exhibitions

  • For the magazine/book publishing

  • All other art activities

Why do you need Artist Short Bio template?

Due to the numerous applications, art curators and gallerists are looking for the perfect match.

So, with this Template

  • You will be noticed and seen

  • You will gain the reputation of an Artist easy to work with

  • You will raise up your chances to be chosen for any project

Who can use this Template?


Artists, working with any kind of medium: painting, sculpture, digital art, photo and video art, installation and performance art


Students, applying for any kind of educational program


Gallerists, to maintain the information about their artists

How to use the Template?

  1. Insert your data to the template in several clicks

  2. Sign up

  3. Save to PDF in one click

  4. Save the document to your personal account

  5. Use your personal account to rewrite the document or to change the selected exhibitions if updated

Enter your Template anytime, anywhere, and — Good luck with all of your applications!