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A bank confirmation letter is a letter or document issued by a financial institution that confirms the existence of a customer’s line of credit that has been extended to them by a third party. This is a practical way for the bank to verify that a customer has the financial resources required to repay their debt. Fill out this bank confirmation letter on Lawrina and download a fully customized PDF document, ready for resolving your legal matters.
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A bank confirmation letter (BCL) is a crucial document that ratifies the balance of cash or investments held by an individual or a business entity at a financial institution. Moreover, using the sample bank confirmation letter ensures clarity and precision while also helping to confirm the financial capability of individuals or institutions.

When to Use a Bank Confirmation Letter

It becomes necessary to use a bank account confirmation letter when there is a need to verify the financial standing of an individual or a business. This might happen whenever there are transactions that necessitate transparency about your financial status — such as during an audit when securing a big contract or applying for a business loan. 


  • Account holder — This designates the individual or business entity holding an account with the bank. It's the account holder's responsibility to submit a request to the bank, permitting the release of their financial information via an account confirmation letter from bank. Once the request is authorized, the bank can generate the confirmation document, endorsing the account holder's financial status to the third party.

  • Bank or financial institution — This refers to the banking establishment where the account holder has an account and which is expected to provide the bank letter confirming account. The bank is responsible for assembling and validating the account holder's financial information and issuing the bank confirmation letter. This letter is a formal endorsement of the account holder's financial standing and is usually directed to an auditor, loan agency, or potential business partner who needs confirmation of the account holder's financial capabilities.

Key Terms

  • Account holder: The bank customer whose details are being confirmed.
  • Authenticating party: The bank or financial institution confirming the information.
  • Requesting party: Entity or person seeking the financial confirmation.
  • Confirmation data: This could include account balance, account type, loan information, etc.
  • BCL authorization: Formal permission given by the account holder to the bank to share specific financial information.

How to Write a Bank Confirmation Letter

A confirmation letter from bank must contain the necessary information to serve its purpose. The letter must be formal, concise, and signed by an authorized bank representative. 

To compose a bank confirmation letter, take the following steps:

  1. Begin with formal salutations:
    Address the recipient in a professional manner, such as "Dear Sir/Madam," or, if you know the person's name, you can address them directly.

  2. Introduce the account holder:
    Clearly state the name and account details of the individual or company whose financial details you are confirming. Account number and type of account should be included.

  3. State the purpose of the letter:
    Briefly explain that the purpose of the letter is to confirm their account's financial status. Be precise about the type of information you are providing.

  4. Provide the account details:
    Here, you should include the account balance, any outstanding loans or lines of credit, and the status of these accounts. All data should be accurate and up-to-date.

  5. State the understanding:
    Confirm that the account holder has authorized the release of this financial information to the party requesting it.

  6. Sign off formally:
    Conclude the letter with a standard sign-off, like "Yours sincerely," followed by the name, position, contact information, and signature of the authorizing bank officer.

  7. Notarization:
    Depending on your local law or the bank's regulations, the letter may need to be notarized for additional validation.

By understanding and correctly utilizing a bank confirmation letter, you can effectively establish your financial credibility. For ease, consider using a bank confirmation letter sample or template to ensure all necessary details are included and presented correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do bank confirmation betters serve as collateral?

No. They vouch for a customer by using an assessment of the customer’s assets and liabilities. They do not stake those assets on behalf of the customers to guarantee repayment.

Can a bank confirmation letter be unsigned?

Yes. However, an unsigned Bank Confirmation Letter will not carry much weight and may be disbelieved or rejected outright.

What do I need to obtain a bank confirmation letter?

As long as the customer has transactions for which confirmation letters are needed, they can request it from the bank at any time.