How To Write a Bill of Sale for a Horse?

Updated June 16, 2023
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Several reputable sources, including the US Government Accountability Office, have pegged the American equine population at over 9.2 million. This remains one of the largest equine populations, and it is for good reason. Horses are valuable animals in the American setting, posing good uses in entertainment, wildlife, and of course, trade.

Like every merchandise, merchandise horses are regulated by the common principles of trade. However, they are not just any merchandise. They are a special class that requires special legal attention and registration. If you want a hitch-free transaction involving horses, you need to know how to work with legal documents. So, should you write a bill of sale for a horse?

What Is a Horse Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that reflects the transfer of ownership of an item from one person to another. It comprises the details of a sale with the aim of serving as a legally binding contract between the parties. The contract has great importance in protecting the parties, especially the buyer.

Flowing from the above, what a horse bill of sale comes into view. Also called an equine bill of sale, it is essentially a bill of sale issued for transactions involving horses. Notably, a horse bill of sale is not meant strictly for horses. Sales of donkeys, mules, and other similar animals are also registered with a horse bill of sale.

What Is a Horse Bill of Sale for?

Horse dealing in the United States is a significant business, accounting for millions in imports and exports. But when dealing in horses within the United States, that is your cue to write a basic bill of sale for a horse. It serves a myriad of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Detailing the conditions for the sale of a horse;

  • Identifying the exact horse in a sale;

  • Indicating the price and condition of the horse in question; and

  • Reflecting the agreement of the parties to the sale.

Why Should You Use a Horse Bill of Sale?

Frankly, it may seem rather ridiculous that you need such formalities in selling a horse. But a horse bill of sale comes with many benefits that make it a must-have for you. Some reasons that may necessitate you to write a basic bill of sale for horses are:

  • It may be required by law to complete or validate a sale transaction involving a horse;
  • It can be used to ensure clarity in a sale since transactions involving horses often involve several terms;
  • It can be used as evidence in case of disagreements as it comprises the entire agreement; and
  • It can function as a receipt and proof of subsequent ownership.

How To Write a Horse Bill of Sale

Writing any legal document is no horse’s play, not even a bill of sale. It tends to follow the very nature of bills of sale in advocating simplicity. However, it also represents a class of transactions that often involve so many terms and intricacies. 

As such, you need to employ the utmost care in putting together your basic bill of sale for horse. Here are some things to observe should you write a bill of sale for a horse.

Compile the parties’ identities

This is one of the very first things that come up in a bill of sale for a horse. Confirm the parties’ names, addresses, and phone numbers/email addresses and pen them down accurately.

Verify the product’s information

The next consideration for you, before you write a basic bill of sale for horses, is the merchandise’s details. These constitute a significant part of the creative process. Relevant details include the name, the color, the sex, and the markings, among others. It also includes the horse’s health status, vaccination information, and other features that may have been promised in the document.

Thrash out the terms

Sales involving horses tend to have a significant number of conditions and warranties like earlier stated. These conditions dwell on price, payment structure, and other important terms that the parties deem necessary. It becomes imperative to have these terms ironed out strictly before having them in the bill of sale.

Determine the jurisdiction

Finding out the state or jurisdiction under which the sale will be carried out is essential. This is because different states have different requirements for sales involving a horse. You need to find out under which laws the sale will be taking place and have it included as you figure out how to write up a bill of sale for a horse.


This is the final step in writing a basic bill of sale for a horse. It involves the parties going through the bill and signing it to show they accept the information it contains. 

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In order to learn how to write up a bill of sale for a horse, there are many things for you to consider. The parties. The subject matter. The law. These can make it a rather arduous task to put together a horse bill of sale that offers you maximum protection. As such, you could consider hiring a legal professional or using a trusted template.

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