How To Write a Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

Updated June 16, 2023
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A motorcycle represents the promise of leisure and dreamy fun for most. And if you are lucky enough, you can acquire one in real time. However, some steps must be taken for the dream not to become a nightmare situation. 

One of them is ensuring your newly-acquired motorcycle is up-to-date on registration and identification with the appropriate authorities. This ensures you can prove your motorcycle ownership at any time and that relevant laws indeed sanctioned your acquisition.

When looking to achieve such desirable legal status for your motorcycle, you should prepare to write a bill of sale for motorcycle. This article is designed to teach you how to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle.

What Is a Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is, by a mile, one of the most essential sale documents in any region. It is a legal document that exists to prove the agreement between two parties to transfer ownership of a motorcycle. It functions to document the specific details and terms of the deal, including information about the product and conditions of sale agreed upon by the parties. 

A motorcycle bill of sale is a legal category of bills of sale that performs these functions in a trade involving a motorcycle. It could be regarded as both a receipt and contract that the title of the motorcycle has been validly transferred from the buyer to the seller. 

Before you write a bill of sale for motorcycle, these are some functions you should anticipate from the document:

  • The motorcycle bill of sale can function as proof of purchase. That means you can use it as a valid receipt;

  • You can write a bill of sale for motorcycle to document the terms and conditions of the sale of a bike. This can help to instantly settle disagreements that may arise later or serve as evidence in a legal dispute; and

  • It can also help you fulfill the legal requirements of selling a motorcycle. This is especially true if the region where the sale is being formalized mandates you to write a trailer bill of sale.

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What Must Be Included in a Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

Put the versatility and importance of a motorcycle bill of sale aside for a moment. The truth is that it is a relatively simple and straightforward document, so much more than many others. The entire goal in how to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle is clarity in a sale, which means vague representation and jargon are not usually considered. 

However, there are some basic categories of information when you want to write a bill of sale for motorcycle for it to be fit for its purpose. These include:

1. Identification information of the parties

One of the most important features when you write a bill of sale for motorcycle is the identification of the parties. 

It is usually the buyer's and seller's names and addresses. Very often, it also includes their phone numbers and email addresses. If one of the parties is conducting the sale on behalf of an establishment or business, they might use the organization's registered name and office address.

2. Jurisdiction

Different states and regions may have different regulations guiding transactions involving motorcycles. In recognition of this, the parties that write a bill of sale for motorcycle must indicate the jurisdiction within which the sale is being carried out. 

This is especially necessary if the buyer and seller are situated in different states or countries. They can determine what laws come into play in the event of a dispute.

3. Motorcycle information

It is a no-brainer that a motorcycle bill of sale will contain information about the motorcycle in question. This part is usually extensive, covering aspects such as the Vehicle Identification Number, model, color, make, and the year it was made or purchased, among others. 

It also reflects the condition the motorcycle is in when the parties write a bill of sale for motorcycle. Additionally, this part contains the odometer reading at the time of purchase, as some jurisdictions specifically require its inclusion.

4. Terms of sale

The other sections of the bill of sale may have covered most of the basics. However, some sales have some additional information and terms attached to them. 

It could be a stipulation to have some parts of the motorcycle fixed, an agreement for payment in installments, or some other condition. These are also fundamental to the sale and must be included when you write a bill of sale for a motorcycle.

5. Signatures

The signatures confirm that each party agrees to the motorcycle bill of sale terms, and the agreement now binds them.

What Is Not Included in the Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

The preceding section has examined what you need to write a bill of sale for motorcycles. On the flip side, here are things you do not need to have in your bill of sale for a motorcycle:

  • P.O. Box;
  • Motorcycle plate number;
  • Parties’ next of kin;
  • Images of the parties or motorcycle; and
  • The specific purpose of the purchase


This article has walked you through the basics you need to write a bill of sale for motorcycle. What is left is ordinarily for you to ensure the process is carried out according to state law.

However, you should also know that it could still get a bit tricky for you to write any legal document on your own, even to write a bill of sale for motorcycle. As such, you may want to consult a legal practitioner for guidance or download a trusted template to fill out rather than learn how to write a bill of sale for a motorcycle all on your own.