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Coordinate contractors and services Templates

This contract outlines the scope of the work, pricing, and terms of the painting job.

7 pagesAll states16 types4.8 (39 reviews)7 pagesAll states4.8 (39 reviews)+1

This contract defines the electrical services to be provided and each party's duties.

11 pagesAll states16 types4.5 (26 reviews)11 pagesAll states4.5 (26 reviews)+1

This document maps out the scope and specifics of a project in various service contracts.

1 pageAll states4.2 (7 reviews)1 pageAll states4.2 (7 reviews)

This agreement documents the compensation for caregiving services and related duties.

4 pagesAll states18 types4.8 (27 reviews)4 pagesAll states4.8 (27 reviews)+1

This contract helps the parties to protect themselves during janitorial services.

6 pagesAll states18 types4.4 (28 reviews)6 pagesAll states4.4 (28 reviews)+1

This contract is made between two parties regarding bartending at a specific event.

6 pagesAll states18 types4.9 (25 reviews)6 pagesAll states4.9 (25 reviews)+1

This document outlines the software services to be performed or delivered for a client.

9 pagesAll states18 types4.7 (44 reviews)9 pagesAll states4.7 (44 reviews)+1

This contract regulates the cooperation between an artist and a music agency or label.

7 pagesAll states4.6 (36 reviews)7 pagesAll states4.6 (36 reviews)

This contract outlines the maintenance scope of work in exchange for the agreed fee.

7 pagesAll states16 types4.6 (46 reviews)7 pagesAll states4.6 (46 reviews)+1

This specific type of service agreement regulating the catering services performance.

7 pagesAll states16 types4.6 (33 reviews)7 pagesAll states4.6 (33 reviews)+1