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A background check authorization form is a legal document that individuals or businesses use to gain permission to conduct a background check on another individual. It is often used in employment, tenancy, or other situations where the verification of an individual's identity is necessary. Edit this background check authorization form on Lawrina and get a personal legal document in minutes.
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A background check authorization form is a legal document that individuals or businesses use to gain permission to conduct a background check on another individual. It is an essential tool utilized mostly in employment, tenancy, or other situations where the verification of an individual's identity, criminal history, or educational background is necessary. Background check forms act as a protective measure, ensuring the rights and privacy of the concerned individual are upheld. 

When to Use a Background Check Form

When hiring new employees, landlords screening potential tenants, or any other situation that necessitates a thorough review of someone's personal, financial, or criminal history, a background authorization form becomes critical. It provides the entity conducting the background check with consent to access relevant records, which could include criminal records, credit history, and professional or educational background. Hence, it is a proactive measure that serves to uphold trust, transparency, and integrity between parties involved while maintaining compliance with privacy laws.


  • Requester –– This is the individual or entity (usually an employer, landlord, or organization) requiring a background check. The requester is responsible for obtaining the proper consent from the subject via a background check authorization form. This form permits the requester to assess relevant public and private records related to the subject's history. This might include criminal, educational, and employment records or credit reports. 

  • Subject –– This is the individual whose background is being checked. Upon receipt of a background check disclosure and authorization form, it's the subject's responsibility to provide explicit permission for the background check to be conducted. The consent affirms their understanding that their personal records will be accessed and scrutinized in the agreed scope. Once the authorization is provided, the requester can proceed to carry out the background check, ensuring that it does not exceed the consent given.

Key Terms

  • Consent: The understanding and agreement of the subject to undergo a background check.
  • Disclosure: The revelation of information by the subject necessary for the background check.
  • Requester: The individual or entity conducting the background check.
  • Subject: The individual whose background is to be checked.
  • Background Check: Investigation into a subject's history, encompassing aspects such as criminal records, education, and employment history.

How to Write a Background Check Form

A background check authorization form is a significant legal document that facilitates an organization to carry out a background check on a potential or current employee. You can find a well-drafted form for background checks at reputable online sources or consult lawyers to guide you in crafting one. You can also use a free background check form on Lawrina as a sample of the document to draft.

Here's how to fill in a background check authorization form template, whether you request it or have your background checked:

  1. Mention your name and contact information.
  2. Indicate your acceptance regarding the background check, including all the areas to be scrutinized.
  3. Affirm your understanding and approval that the information garnered will be used only for the purpose stated.
  4. Detail the entire scope of the agreement, highlighting that you know your rights and are willingly approving the check.
  1. State the name of the individual undergoing the background check.
  2. Assert that the individual has been made aware of their rights and has given informed consent to the conduct of a background check.
  3. Elucidate all areas that the check is going to cover, only those lawful and necessary for the particular position.
  4. Determine the language for obtaining consent and the practices or regulations of your specific jurisdiction while ensuring that it is explicit and easily understandable.
  5. Plan how the background check form will be stored in compliance with privacy laws and who will handle this process.

Each party should examine the background check form PDF with legal counsel to protect their interests. It is crucial to get a prior agreement on essential components of the document, such as the scope of the check or storage measures, to guarantee a seamless process in preparing a background check authorization form.

A printable background check authorization form template can help both employers and employees understand these terms and create a form that safeguards both parties' interests.

In conclusion, using a background check authorization form PDF is exceedingly beneficial in keeping processes transparent and protecting personal information. Making use of the well-drafted background check template can contribute significantly to getting this important procedure right and providing a solid platform for protecting both parties.