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Updated Apr 18, 2024
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A photo consent form gives the photographer the right to use another person's image. Apart from photographers, companies, non-profit organisations, or schools may also seek permission to use or publish images of another person on various media. Complete this dedicated photo consent form template on Lawrina and get a printable PDF document, ready to submit.
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Document Types
Background Check Authorization Form
This form is used to gain permission to conduct a background check on another individual.
Child Travel Consent Form
This form permits a minor to travel without their parents or guardians abroad.
Data Collection Consent Form
This form guarantees ethical and legal procurement of individual data.
Consent Form
This consent form safeguards an individual's rights within a wide array of scenarios.
Landlord Consent to Sublease
This form is necessary when a tenant intends to sublet their rented property.
Minor (Child) Medical Consent Form
This form ensures that a child's medical needs will be met while their parents are away.
Sexual Consent Form
This consent form outlines intentions of engaging in sexual activities between parties.
Waxing Consent Form
This consent form helps protect the service provider and the client interested in waxing.

Template Description

Paper titled "Photo Consent Form"; model posing in front of a photographer surrounded by light projectors

A signed photo consent form allows you to use or publish another’s image. This can be through a variety of media, including videos, magazines, websites, and television. Usually, the contract requires the signatures of both the individual in the photo and the person who wants to use it.

These consent forms exist to protect the legal rights of those involved. Namely, it safeguards the subject’s privacy and protects the other party from legal action. You can complete this photo consent form template on Lawrina by filling out the required information. Remember to customize the template to fit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do minors need photo consent forms?

Yes, minors need photo consent forms. Because they are underage, they are not able to give legal consent themselves. Instead, they need a parent or legal guardian to do so on their behalf.


By signing a minor child photo release form, they authorize the use of their child's image for private or public purposes. The document usually details how the photos will be used, allowing the parent or guardian the opportunity to either agree or disagree with the terms. 

Can I revoke my consent after signing a photo consent form?

Remember to familiarize yourself with the local laws since these may vary by state. Generally, it might prove challenging for you to revoke your consent unless the photo consent form specifically allows you to do so.


If the contract does not explicitly state that your consent is irrevocable, there is a possibility you can withdraw it. This is also the case if the photography consent form fails to specify for how long the image can be used. 

Is a photo consent form the same as a model release form?

A photo consent form is not the same as a model release form. They serve two different purposes. A photography release form allows you to use someone's image broadly. This can be for personal use, academic reasons, or similar.


A model release form has a much more specific purpose. It is only intended for commercial reasons. For example, to promote a product or service.