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A breach of contract demand letter is a strategic document often used when one party fails to fulfill the agreed-upon obligations outlined in a contract. It is paramount in formalizing the claim towards the defaulting party and sets an initial stage for negotiations or litigation. Download this PDF breach of contract demand letter for free and complete it easily in minutes.
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Document Types
Demand Letter
This letter formally informs a party of a default or infringement in various situations.
Personal Property Demand Letter
This letter is designed to demand a person return the unlawfully possessed property.
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What Is a Breach of Contract Demand Letter?

A breach of contract demand letter informs the recipient of their failure to perform under the contract. In this official notice, the sender requests that the default be cured, usually within a stated time frame.

When to Use a Breach of Contract Demand Letter

Below are some common instances when a demand letter for breach of contract is appropriate:

  • Should a party not comply with the terms of the contract (not delivering goods, missing deadlines, failure to pay, etc.);
  • If the person wants to settle disputes outside of court;
  • When you want to request a specific performance of the contractual duty that has not been met;
  • If financial reimbursement must be made.

How to Write a Breach of Contract Demand Letter

Adhere to the following structure to craft a precise demand letter breach of contract:

  • Identification details: Include the full names and addresses of both parties.

  • Contract reference: Specify the initial contract and date of signing.

  • Breach explanation: Clearly describe how the contract has been violated.

  • Timeline: State a reasonable deadline for the breach to be rectified.

  • Consequences: Notify of possible legal implications.


On receiving a breach of contract demand letter, the breaching party ought to assess the claims, consult legal counsel if needed, and respond appropriately without delay. The breaching party may choose to contest the claims or propose a settlement to the aggrieved party.

Is a Breach of Contract Demand Letter Legally Binding?

A breach of contract demand letter stems from a legally binding agreement. However, the letter itself carries no legal force – the primary intention is to assert the contract's conditions and work toward rectification. 

Do I Need to Notarize a Breach of Contract Demand Letter?

This letter compels the recipient to rectify the violation rather than establishing a formalized legal obligation. Therefore, a notary acknowledgment of a sample demand letter breach of contract is not necessary.

If this procedure raises any issues or doubts in your mind, it is very important to seek advice from a lawyer who will always be pleased to assist. You can visit Lawrina Match and access a directory of lawyers suitable for your legal matter.

Where Can I Get a Breach of Contract Demand Letter?

If you prefer not to compose a letter from scratch on your own, there are multiple practical alternatives to consider:

  • Online platforms like Lawrina offer ready-to-use templates.
  • Engage with a legal professional who could draft a tailored document.
  • Use legal software to generate the document based on your requirements.

How to Fill Out a Breach of Contract Demand Letter on Lawrina

Follow these steps to complete a demand letter breach of contract PDF:

  1. Select a template: Visit Lawrina's website and find a template of a breach of contract demand letter.

  2. Download the file: The document will be saved on any device, so you can immediately proceed with editing.

  3. Provide the required information: Customize the document by adding details to the blank fields.

  4. Review the document: After inputting all the necessary points, thoroughly review the letter. Ensure the accuracy of all the information.

  5. Sign the document: After you are satisfied with the specifics of the letter, you can digitally sign a sample demand letter for breach of contract. Upload a copy to Lawrina Sign and add your signature.