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An at-will employment agreement is a type of employment contract where an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason, as long as it's not illegal, and without warning, so long as the employee can also leave at any time. Download this free blank PDF form and fill it out as suggested in the steps below.
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Document Types
Employment Contract
This contract stipulates the rights, duties, and other terms of the working relationship.
Internship Agreement
This form is made to protect the rights and interests of an intern and an organization.
Staffing Agency Contract
This contract is made between the parties looking for fast temporary talent hiring.

An at-will employment agreement is a type of employment contract where an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason, as long as it's not illegal, and without warning, so long as the employee can also leave at any time. The concept may seem straightforward, but it's paramount to ensure the at-will employment agreement template — an official document outlining the employment relationship's terms — is well-drafted and comprehensible. 


This form of agreement is commonly used in the majority of U.S. states, except for Montana.

When to Use an At-Will Employment Agreement

An at will employment contract is typically used when hiring new employees. It clarifies the nature of the employment relationship, ensuring the employee fully understands their engagement is at the will of the employer. The at-will employment agreement PDF is instrumental in cases where an employer wants to maintain flexibility in managing personnel based on market and business conditions. Having such a document can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts down the line.


  • Employer –– This is the individual or corporate entity that is offering a job position to a potential employee. The employer outlines the job terms, conditions, roles, and responsibilities in the “at will” employment agreement. The employer is responsible for ensuring the employee comprehends the at-will nature of the employment contract. Once the entirety of the terms is understood and agreed to by both parties, the employer then initiates the signing of the agreement. This document signifies that both parties acknowledge the at-will nature of employment, which grants them flexibility and clarity.

  • Employee –– This would be the individual who is offered a job position by the employer. In the context of an at will employment agreement, the employee is responsible for thoroughly understanding the terms and nature of the employment contract. Upon agreement, they confirm their understanding by signing the at will employment agreement form. The employee provides their commitment and legally affirms their understanding of the at-will work relationship. 

This agreement is often accompanied by an acknowledgment receipt indicating that the employee has read, comprehended, and accepted the terms stipulated. These documents serve as firm evidence of the mutual understanding between both parties.

Key Terms

  • At-Will: This term signifies that employment is not guaranteed for a specified duration, and either party can terminate the agreement at any time without cause or notice. 
  • Duties and Responsibilities: This section outlines the role, expectations, and job requirements of the employee.
  • Compensation: Clearly laying out the salary, benefits, and payment schedule in the at will employment form template helps in maintaining transparency.
  • Termination: The document should include a clause about the company's rights to terminate employment 'at-will'. This lends clarity about the nature of the job and its potential lifespan.
  • Governing Law: A sample at will employment agreement should specify the state laws that govern the employment contract.

How to Write an At-Will Employment Agreement

An at-will employment agreement is an indispensable business document that defines an employment relationship where either party can terminate the contract at any time, for any legal reason. You can take advantage of a suitable at will employment agreement template located online or request the support of legal experts in drafting one to suit your specific circumstances.

Here's how to draft an at-will employment contract, be you an employer or an employee:

  1. Include detailed particulars of all individuals involved, specifically your business's legal name and contact details.
  2. Declare the position's remuneration scheme clearly.
  3. Provide the job's description, consisting of the expectations, responsibilities, and role of the employee.
  4. Prepare any necessary details about the employment terms, like employment duration, rights of termination, and the requirement of adherence to company rules.
  1. State your legal name, contact information, and consent to the at-will nature of the employment agreement.
  2. Acknowledge the job description and the responsibilities that come with the position.
  3. Confirm your understanding and acceptance of the remuneration scheme.
  4. Verify compliance with company policies and the regulations of the at will employment document.

In instances where dispute resolution or confidentiality clauses are included, these should be explicitly outlined and deemed understood and accepted by all parties involved. All parties are advised to review the at will employment contract sample attentively and possibly seek legal counsel before signing it. 

From a legal perspective, the employment agreement at will forms an integral part of employer-employee relationships. Utilizing this document helps deliver consistency, reduces risk, and supports clear communication of expectations. This document is too critical to be left to chance, so consider adopting a professionally designed at-will employment agreement template — it streamlines the process and ensures your document covers all necessary aspects.

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