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An internship agreement is a formal, legally binding document established between an intern and an organization. It is designed to protect the rights and interests of all involved parties while clearly defining the terms, conditions, and expectations of the internship. Download this free internship agreement form in PDF and edit it to match your needs.
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Document Types
At-Will Employment Agreement
This is a contract where an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason.
Employment Contract
This contract stipulates the rights, duties, and other terms of the working relationship.
Staffing Agency Contract
This contract is made between the parties looking for fast temporary talent hiring.
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An internship agreement is a formal, legally binding document established between an intern and an organization. It is designed to protect the rights and interests of all involved parties while clearly defining the terms, conditions, and expectations of the internship. The purpose of such an agreement is to ensure that there's a clear understanding and mutual acceptance of the terms of the internship that reduces the possibility of misunderstandings or disagreements later on.

When to Use an Internship Agreement

The use of an internship agreement is not restricted to large organizations alone. Even small-to-medium enterprises and startup companies can benefit from having internship contracts in place. This applies to any situation where an individual is engaged as an intern. 

A well-drafted internship contract template can provide a blueprint that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties. It guards against potential misinterpretation, helps maintain a professional working relationship, and ensures the internship is a productive and informative experience.


  • Intern — This is the individual who wishes to gain practical experience in a particular industry or field of study. Under an internship agreement, the intern commits to undertaking specific duties and responsibilities for the benefit of the organization and their personal development. Their compliance with the details of the intern contract ensures a fruitful learning environment and the optimal advantage of the opportunity. On successful completion of the internship, the intern may receive a letter or certificate of completion demonstrating their newly acquired experience and skills.

  • Organization — This would be the company, institution, or agency that intends to provide the intern with an opportunity for professional growth. In the context of an internship agreement, the organization is responsible for crafting a conducive learning environment that aligns with the intern's career objectives.

Upon endorsement of the intern agreement, the organization pledges to guide the intern under established norms, equipping them with practical knowledge and skills. At the end of the internship period, the organization often issues a letter of recommendation or a certificate of completion to the intern, confirming their acquired skills and experiences.

Key Terms

  • Confidentiality: The intern may come across sensitive information from the organization during the course of the internship. Confidentiality terms ensure this information is protected.
  • Intellectual Property: This term specifies that any work product created during the internship remains the property of the organization.
  • Insurance: The term denotes the insurance benefits, if any, afforded to the intern.
  • Termination: The agreement should include the procedure for terminating the internship prematurely, if necessary.
  • Dispute Resolution: This term outlines how potential disputes will be addressed. 

How to Write an Internship Agreement

An internship agreement is an essential document outlining the commitments of both the intern and the host company during an internship program. It functions as a safeguard for both the intern and the employer, providing a clear articulation of roles, expectations, and terms of the engagement. You can find exemplary internship agreement templates from reputable online resources or employ professionals to assist you in developing one.

Here's how to draft a comprehensive internship contract sample, whether you are an intern or the employer:

  1. Provide your specific details, including your full name, university or college affiliation, and contact information.
  2. Clearly outline the objectives and expectations of the internship, including skills to be gained and roles to be played.
  3. Detail your responsibilities and tasks during the tenure of the internship.
  4. Include provisions pertinent to your necessary support, including the legality of work hours, remuneration, or stipends, if any.
  1. Include the name of the company and relevant details like address and the department where the intern will be posted.
  2. Establish the laws and regulations governing the agreement.
  3. Indicate that the intern agrees to comply with all company practices, rules, and regulations.
  4. Provide for any confidentiality clauses and exhibits that the intern agrees not to share any confidential information gained during the internship.
  5. Determine how the internship agreement will be monitored and who will handle the monitoring process.

All parties involved should carefully review the agreement, including any confidentiality or termination provisions, with legal counsel to protect their interests. Remember, reaching prior agreement on critical aspects of the document, such as the responsibilities or monitoring steps, is essential to ensure a smooth process when drafting an internship agreement.

In summary, an internship agreement is an essential tool in creating a clear, legally compliant, and productive internship experience. It serves to protect the interests of the intern and the company and ensure a mutual understanding of the expectations and obligations of each party. To ensure effectiveness and ease of use, consider leveraging an intern contract template, which can streamline the process and guarantee you cover all necessary areas.