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An equipment lease agreement is a rental agreement that legally binds the owner of the equipment to the person who is leasing the equipment. This type of lease agreement must abide by any state governing laws, and it’s an essential document in any situation where a piece of equipment is rented. Get this template in PDF format for free and create a professional legal document in minutes.
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When to Use an Equipment Rental Agreement

An equipment lease agreement is specifically helpful and should be implemented in the following scenarios:

  • When a business, whether a small startup or a large corporation, needs to borrow machinery or tools for a particular job or project;
  • When an individual requires electronic devices, such as computers, cameras, or sound equipment for a temporary period;
  • An equipment rental agreement helps set a clear fee structure that includes the rent fee, deposit requirements, late fees, and other financial considerations;
  • If the parties wish to clarify roles regarding equipment upkeep to prevent conflicts and safeguard their interests.

What Should an Equipment Rental Agreement Include?

An equipment lease agreement template typically comprises these critical sections:

  • Parties’ information: Full legal names and addresses. 

  • Equipment description: Any identifying information (e.g., make, model, serial number, color, etc.).

  • Rent term: The dates on which the rent begins and ends.

  • Payment terms: The rent fee, payment frequency, late fee, and security deposit details.

  • Maintenance and repair requirements: Specifications on parties accountable for upkeep of the equipment.

  • Termination provision: Conditions for terminating the equipment rental contract.

How to Fill Out an Equipment Rental Agreement on Lawrina

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete a simple equipment lease agreement PDF form, which may further be sent to another party and printed if necessary:

  1. Access the document: First, navigate the Lawrina website and find a template for an equipment rental agreement form.

  2. Enter the required information: Follow the prompts and provide detailed answers. They will be incorporated into the document automatically.

  3. Review the document: Having answered all questions, read the completed equipment rental agreement template thoroughly to confirm that there are no errors or omissions. 

  4. Save the file: Once you've checked the document and are satisfied with its contents, the equipment rental contract template will be available on your Lawrina account. You will be able to continue editing or sign it later.

  5. Sign the document: If you're conducting this transaction remotely or prefer digital solutions, use Lawrina Sign to sign the document electronically. Upload the equipment rental agreement PDF and add a signature.

Is an Equipment Rental Agreement Legally Binding?

A detailed or simple lease agreement for equipment becomes legally binding upon being duly signed by both parties. This contract legally obligates the parties to adhere to its terms.

Where Can I Get an Equipment Rental Agreement?

If you want to procure a robust and legally binding or simple equipment rental agreement template Word, PDF, or hard copy, you have several resources to consider. You can visit trusted legal services websites like Lawrina to download a customizable template. Besides, you can hire an attorney to draft a rental equipment agreement form tailored to your requirements.

Do I Need to Notarize the Equipment Rental Agreement?

A notary acknowledgment of a simple equipment rental agreement PDF is not required. State regulations might make it necessary, but generally, it's not needed. Having a written agreement signed by both parties is enough. Nevertheless, in the event of a disagreement, a notarized contract could provide additional legal safeguards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a lease and a rental agreement For Equipment?

The main difference between a lease and a rental agreement for equipment is the length of time. A rental agreement is usually much shorter, typically covering 30 days or less. So, if an individual or a company is renting a piece of equipment for just a few days or a week, they might use a rental agreement whereas if that same individual or company is renting a piece of equipment for a few months, usually six months or longer, then they might use a lease agreement which has sections to account for the extra time, levels of reasonable control while the equipment is in their care, and any other important information.

What kinds of equipment are covered under this contract?

If you download a word doc or PDF, or write your own contract, you can cover just about any type of equipment rentals, including MRI machines, x-ray machines, refrigerators, broilers, ovens, plow trucks, generators, garbage trucks, machining tools, plasma cutters, cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, wood splitters, excavators, servers, monitors, projectors, laptop, office equipment, power wheelchairs, stair lifts, and more. Anything that is a piece of equipment that you are renting from someone else or you are renting to someone else can be covered under this contract.

Where do you put information about interest rates for back payments?

Legally you can put this anywhere you want in your document. If you use a template, it will likely already be included, but you can always add it into the section that covers payments.