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Manage sales and purchases Templates

This agreement formalizes the transaction by recording the essential terms of the sale.

6 pagesAll states7 types4.8 (32 reviews)6 pagesAll states4.8 (32 reviews)+1

A bill of sale helps transfer the item ownership for money between buyers and sellers.

3 pagesAll states22 types4.8 (40 reviews)3 pagesAll states4.8 (40 reviews)+1

This document is used to transfer ownership of a business from a seller to a buyer.

2 pagesAll states22 types4.7 (1 review)2 pagesAll states4.7 (1 review)+1

This bill of sale is executed during sales transactions involving furniture pieces.

3 pagesAll states22 types4.4 (10 reviews)3 pagesAll states4.4 (10 reviews)+1

This document delineates the transfer of property or vehicle in its as is condition.

2 pagesAll states22 types4.4 (9 reviews)2 pagesAll states4.4 (9 reviews)+1

This affidavit is used to bypass probate when distributing the decedent's small property.

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This essential agreement proves the legality of the livestock purchase and sale.

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This document signifies the transfer of ownership of the bicycle from sellers to buyers.

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A horse bill of sale proves the horse purchase and sale between a buyer and a seller.

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A car bill of sale is a legal document confirming a car purchase and sale deal.

3 pagesAll states22 types4.6 (32 reviews)3 pagesAll states4.6 (32 reviews)+1