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A hair stylist contract is a legally binding agreement between a hairstylist and their client or salon owner. It serves to clearly define what services the stylist will offer and specify terms, such as the price of hairstyling services and payment methods, among other provisions. Download this free hair stylist contract form in PDF to your device and complete it yourself easily using the instructions below.
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A hair stylist contract is a legally binding agreement between a hairstylist and their client or salon owner. This type of contract is deemed crucial in the beauty industry due to the diverse services a hairstylist could provide. It serves to clearly define what services the stylist will offer and specify terms, such as the price of hairstyling services and payment methods, among other provisions.

The hair stylist contract agreement has the ultimate goal of outlining clearly the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of each party involved. It serves as a safeguard for both the hairstylist, to ensure they get paid for their talent and time, and for the client or salon owner, securing the agreed-upon services.

When to Use a Hair Stylist Contract

Hair stylist contract agreements are typically used when a hairstylist begins work with a new client or signs up to offer their services at a salon. Whenever there's a need to lay down the terms for a professional relationship involving hair styling services, a barber contract agreement is required.

They are also apt in case of special sessions or occasions, restrictive terms like non-disclosure provisions, non-compete terms, or when the stylist is functioning as an independent contractor. A hair stylist contract agreement PDF could be used in these scenarios to clearly jot down all the stipulations.

Parties of the Hair Stylist Contract

  • Hair stylist — This is the person or entity providing hair care services based on their professional skills and experience. They might be offering services independently or could be employed at a salon. For the purposes of the hair stylist contract, they commit to providing specified services for an agreed rate. Once they have completed the services as specified in the contract, they are typically paid the agreed amount. This assertion of service completion and corresponding payment upholds their professional reputation and ensures they are fairly compensated for their services. 

  • Client or salon owner — This is the person, group, or entity that seeks and pays for the hair care services rendered by the hairstylist. This could be an individual client wanting a particular hair service or a salon owner employing a hairstylist to offer a range of services at their establishment. With a barber contract, they have the responsibility to provide the agreed payment for the offered services upon completion and satisfactory delivery. This reciprocal action of delivering quality service and making due payment forms the essence of the business relationship and contributes to the smooth running of the business. The salon owner could also be responsible for commission payment.

Key Terms

  • Responsibilities and Services: This details the precise services the hairstylist will provide, such as haircuts, coloring, or styling services.
  • Payment Terms: Clearly outlines the stylist's rates, the client's payment obligations, and the terms of payment.
  • Cancellation Policy: Outlines the rules around appointment cancellations or missed appointments. It should state how much advance notice is required for a cancellation and the penalties for violation.
  • Non-Compete Clause: If the contract is between a salon owner and hairstylist, it may include terms that prevent the stylist from working at a competitor salon within a specific geographical area.
  • Term and Termination: Indicates the period the contract will be valid and the rules of termination of the contract.

How to Write a Hair Stylist Contract

A commission hair stylist contract is a vital legal paper that establishes the professional connection between a hairstylist and their client or salon owner and details the agreed-upon terms of service. Hair stylist contract templates or quick drafting or modification are easily available at online resources.

Here's how to script a hair stylist contract, whether you're the hairstylist or the client:

  1. Present the information about all stakeholders, mentioning their full names and contact data.
  2. List the services to be offered and their corresponding costs.
  3. Express the basis for service provision, including the possibility of home services or, if limited, to the salon.
  4. Assemble all critical contract details, such as the start date, contract length, and terms of termination.
Client/Salon Owner
  1. Name the salon or the client's identification and key contact data.
    Identify the state law or federal legislation that underlies the hairstylist contract.
  2. State that the hairstylist must fulfill all responsibilities linked to the hair styling services as per the agreement.
  3. Include any cancellation or late appointment policies based on common salon practices to protect both parties.
  4. Determine how discrepancies or disputes arising from the hair stylist contract shall be settled, specifying whether through arbitration, mediation, or court processes.

Every party should engage in a thorough review of the hair stylist commission agreement, ideally under legal guidance, to safeguard their interests. Remember that attaining a prior agreement on crucial elements of the contract, such as non-compete clauses or cancellation policies, is crucial for all parties involved.

Having an effectively written hair stylist contract shows professionalism, reduces potential conflicts, and provides a platform for defending and safeguarding your assets. Not forgetting, it greatly helps in setting the stage for a successful working relationship, whether it's an individual client, a freelance proposition, or a commercial salon setup. 

There are customizable freelance hair stylist contract templates available that make it possible to develop a tailor-made contract that highlights the important elements and helps hairstylists of all types protect their interests and ensure smooth business operations. Whether you're penning a new agreement or renewing an old one, taking time to go through the terms and agreeing on a comprehensive contract is well worth the effort.