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A tutoring contract is a legal agreement serving as a means of clarifying the scope of services between tutors and their clients. If both parties sign this document, it can help them set reasonable expectations and reduce conflicts. Download this legal template in Word or PDF on Lawrina for free.
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Document Types
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This document provides clarity, sets expectations, and ensures the child's well-being.
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Template Description

Paper named "tutoring contract," tutor teaching a student who is typing on the laptop

Students who require extra lessons may need to make use of a tutor to achieve their full academic potential. Before a tutor can assist a student it is necessary to enter into a tutoring contract to set out the requirements for both the student and their tutor. This article will discuss various aspects of a free tutoring contract template.

What Is a Tutoring Contract?

A tutoring contract is a legally binding agreement between a tutor and a student or a student’s representative. The private lesson contract template outlines the services to be provided, the schedule and duration of the tutoring sessions, the terms of payment, liability, child protection provisions, termination clause, and cancellation policy. The purpose of the class contract template is to ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of their responsibilities, expectations, and obligations.

Parties of the Tutoring Contract

  • The Student: This area of the tutoring contract example should include the student’s (or their representative’s) full name, as well as contact information and home address. If the student is being represented by someone else, such as a parent entering into the contract on behalf of their child, both the child’s and parent’s details should be present.

  • The Tutor is the person who provides the tutoring services. The free tutoring contract template should clearly define the tutor’s roles and  responsibilities. They may be an individual or a company, and they are usually qualified and experienced in the subject matter being taught. The tutor's role is to provide guidance, support, and instruction to the student, helping them to improve their knowledge and skills in the subject matter.

Key Terms

To help you in forming an agreement, here are some key terms to include in your free tutoring contract template:

  • Description of Services: Clearly outline all services provided by the tutor in the terms of the free tutoring business plan template. This might include individual or group sessions and how they will be conducted (e.g., online or in person).
  • Payment and Billing: Outline the cost of your services and when payments are due. Specify in your sample tutoring contract if payments should be made through cash or by credit card.
  • Agreement Termination: Specify how long the agreement will last and what happens when it is terminated.
  • Confidentiality: Explain expectations for both parties on confidentiality.
  • Obligations: Describe any other obligations that both parties need to fulfill during their relationship.

What Is Included In a Tutoring Contract Template?

The following sections are commonly included in a student contract examples:

Service Description

This section of free printable tutoring forms should describe the service that the tutor will provide. This should include details such as the subject that will be taught, the level of tutoring provided, and any specific areas of focus. All materials relevant to tutoring can also be included here.

Schedule and Duration

In a private tutoring lesson plan template, this section should specify when the tutoring sessions will take place and how long they will last. It is important to be specific in order to avoid any future confusion.

Terms of Payment

It is important to agree upon a payment plan that works for both parties before beginning lessons and entering into a tutoring contract. This section should also specify when payment is due and any applicable late payment fees or penalties if payments are not made on time.


Finally, this section of the free tutoring contract template outlines who has responsibility for any damages or injuries that may occur during tutoring sessions. It is important for both parties to understand their respective roles and responsibilities under the agreement.

Tutor Details

The tutoring contract template should include a section that details information about the tutor, including their name, qualifications, contact information, references, and payment rate. This section should also list any supplies that the tutor requires for their services and activities.

Student Details

The student’s name, contact information, grade level, requested subject matter, and other pertinent details should be included in this section of the tutoring contract template. It should also outline who is responsible for providing any materials needed for the tutoring sessions.

Terms of Service

This section outlines how often tutoring sessions will be held, what happens if one or both parties cancels or fails to show up for a session, and any other details that both parties need to agree on before tutoring begins. This section should include any promises made by either party and can include provisions such as privacy policies or confidentiality clauses.

Child Protection Section

If the client is a minor, a child protection section should be included. This section should outline the tutor's responsibilities and obligations regarding child protection and any policies or procedures that will be followed.

Termination Clause

The termination clause should include the circumstances under which the tutoring contract can be terminated by either the tutor or their clients, the notice period required for termination, and any penalties or fees that may apply.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy in the tutoring contract template should outline the circumstances under which a tutoring session can be canceled by either party, the notice period required, and any penalties or fees that may apply.

Creating a tutoring contract doesn't have to be time-consuming or confusing — a tutoring contract template on Lawrina is available to download for free in PDF or Word format.

How To Write a Tutoring Contract?

Tutoring contracts provide protection for both the tutor and the client by ensuring that the responsibilities of each party are clear. Writing a tutoring contract is simple on a free contract generator, and there are a few basic elements that should be included in the agreement.

For Tutors & Students

  1. Start by describing the parties to the tutoring agreement. Ensure that each party’s full name, address, and contact details are set out correctly.

  2. Identify the subject(s) that the tutor will assist the student with.

  3. Set out the date(s) and time(s) when tutoring will take place. Be sure to include the length of each tutoring session, as well as the location where the tutoring will take place.

  4. Set out the fees payable to the tutor. This should include the tutor’s rate per hour or per session. Include when payment should be made, and if payment is to be made periodically, be sure to clearly set out a payment schedule. You should also include the tutor’s payment details. 

  5. Include a cancellation and refund clause. This should stipulate the circumstances under which a tutoring session can be canceled by either the tutor or student, and if any penalties or refunds will be required.

  6. Clearly set out the obligations and responsibilities of both the tutor and the student(s). This will ensure that both parties know what is expected from them, which will mitigate any future disputes.

  7. Include a termination clause. This clause should set out when either party can terminate the tutoring contract and the notice required for termination.

  8. Include a place for all parties and witnesses to the agreement to sign.

When To Use A Tutoring Contract?

It is important for a tutor and their client to enter into a legal agreement regarding their tutoring services. A free tutoring contract template can be utilized to outline the legal terms and conditions governing the service and to stipulate what is expected of each party. This will ensure that there are no misunderstandings between the tutor and their client. Here are some common use cases of a tutoring contract:

Common Use Cases

  1. Private Tutoring
    When a tutor is providing one-on-one tutoring services to a student, a tutoring contract template can help both parties agree on the scope of services, fees, and schedule. It can also outline the tutor's responsibilities, such as providing lesson plans, materials, and feedback, and the student's responsibilities, such as completing assignments and attending sessions.

  2. Group Tutoring
    If a tutor wishes to teach numerous students at once, a tutoring contract will be useful to outline the size of the group, as well as what is to be expected from each student on an individual level and the group as a whole. The tutoring contract will also establish other necessary legal provisions, such as the fee for group tutoring and the objectives of the group. 

  3. Online Tutoring
    When a tutor is providing tutoring services online, a tutoring contract can help establish the terms and conditions of the online arrangement. The agreement should outline the platform and tools to be used, as well as the schedule, fees, and responsibilities of both the tutor and the student.

  4. Preparing for a test
    If a student wishes to use a tutor to prepare for a test, a tutoring contract can be useful to establish the student’s goals before sitting for their exam. The contract should stipulate the amount of test material to be covered, as well as the objectives that the student should be able to reach before the exam.

When Not To Use the Tutoring Contract

  1. Informal Tutoring
    If a student is in need of informal tutoring, a free tutoring contract template need not be used. Informal tutoring may include cases in which a student requires answers to specific questions or is in need of minimal guidance on a narrow topic.

  2. Volunteer Tutoring
    Where a tutor provides service on a voluntary basis, a tutoring contract template is not useful. Since the tutor is acting as a volunteer, the client has no obligations  towards the tutor in any manner. It will however be useful for the tutor and their client to establish certain expectations before tutoring begins.

  3. Short-Term Tutoring
    Where a student requires short term tutoring, such as assistance with a specific task, a tutoring contract need not be used.

Do You Need A License To Be a Tutor?

When you draft a tutoring contract for yourself or your company with a free contract maker, there are certain provisions you must include to ensure that both parties have adequate protection.

But do you actually need a license to be a tutor? In general, the answer depends on the state in which you are operating and the type of tutoring services you provide, as outlined in the tutoring contract template.

For example, if you tutor students in K-12 subject areas, then most states require that you possess a valid teaching license. In other instances, like specialized tutoring services or college-level instruction, licensing requirements may differ across states. It’s important that you thoroughly research your state’s laws prior to providing these types of services or consult with a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

By utilizing a tutoring contract template from an established legal entity, you can rest assured that all relevant information is included in your contract to bind two parties together and protect each of them from potential losses or liabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tutor should make a contract for tutoring services?

All tutors providing tutoring services should make use of a tutoring contract template. This is done to ensure that each party knows what is expected of them and to avoid any further legal issues down the road.

What age should you start tutoring?

A tutor can be any age as long as the tutor has the necessary qualifications and experience to fulfill their duty under the tutoring contract.

How much should I charge for tutoring?

The rate for tutoring services often differs based on the subject matter and level of attention needed to tutor the individual. The rate should be clearly stipulated in the tutoring contract template. The location of services can also have an effect on your rate, so it is important to study the market rate for tutoring in your area.

How long should tutoring sessions be?

The length and frequency of sessions will depend on the student's needs and schedule, as well as your own availability. Most beginning sessions usually last between thirty minutes and an hour. The tutoring contract template should make it possible to extend the duration of sessions if the need arises and if the student is able.

How do you structure a tutoring session?

Tutoring sessions should first establish the student's needs. In subsequent sessions, the tutor should focus on the identified areas in order to address the students needs and assist them with any challenges. This can be done by having the student complete certain tasks or answer questions. The tutor should then provide feedback on the progress that the student has made.

What makes a successful tutor?

A successful tutor should be able to fulfill the duties outlined in the tutoring contract. They should be able to provide individual care to each student to allow the student to continue to grow and learn. They should have patience and be diligent in their work.