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A joint venture agreement (or JV contract for short) is a legal contract between two parties that set out to make a venture together based on mutual interests. These legal contracts are most often used by businesses that enter into temporary business relationships. Edit this legal template in a moment on Lawrina and get a complete document in PDF format right to your device.
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A joint venture agreement is a legal contract between two or more businesses that decide to pool resources to achieve a specific task or business objective while also maintaining their separate identities. Such agreements are central in defining the roles and responsibilities of each party involved, distributing profits and losses, and setting terms for dispute resolution, termination, and much more. They significantly contribute to intellectual property rights transfer, ensuring each party's interests and rights are preserved and proficiently guarded.

When to Use a Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement is employed when businesses want to collaborate on a distinct project without having to merge their companies entirely. For example, companies might use a free joint venture agreement template when they want to penetrate new markets, develop new products, or share resources for the benefit of a common goal. Therefore, having a joint venture agreement Word format or PDF on hand is useful for customization to fit each unique collaboration.


  • Venturer –– This is the individual or corporation contributing capital, resources, or expertise to the joint venture. Each venturer is expected to share in the joint venture's profits, losses, management, and control. It's this individual or entity's responsibility to perform their assigned tasks in line with the specifics of the sample joint venture agreement to ensure the overall success of the shared undertaking. Once the venture is completed or the agreement duration is exhausted, the venture generally concludes, sometimes with the distribution of derivative assets, depending on the initial agreement.

  • Partner –– This refers to each individual, corporation, or associated entity that participates in the joint venture. Each partner has a shared interest in the profits, management, and control of the joint venture and bears a joint liability for any losses. In the lifespan of the joint venture, each partner fulfills its stipulated roles and obligations as established in the joint venture agreement. Upon conclusion of the joint venture, corresponding to the agreement's specifics, partners often review the venture's operations and account for their successes or deficits. This review helps to analyze the venture's accomplishments and learn from any setbacks for future collaborations.

Key Terms

  • Joint Venture: Patently, this term refers to the business arrangement itself, indicating the partnership between two or more businesses aiming to achieve common goals. A JV agreement sets out terms and conditions for this collaboration.
  • Contribution: This term outlines the input each party is required to provide. This could be financial contribution, resources, intellectual property, or skills, and the JV contract should clearly spell this out.
  • Profit and Loss Sharing: The joint venture agreement sample should adequately outline the method for dividing profits and losses among the participants.
  • Duration: It points to the designated period declared in the joint venture contract template during which the joint venture will remain operational.
  • Dispute Resolution: This term refers to the process parties will follow to resolve disagreements. It is essential in maintaining healthy business collaborations and should be clearly defined in a simple joint venture agreement template.

How to Write a Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement is an important legal contract that specifies the terms and conditions of a business partnership between two or more parties who aim to collaborate towards a shared aim. You can source a comprehensive joint venture agreement template free from online platforms or employ a legal professional to assist with crafting one.

Here's how to draft a JV agreement template irrespective of whether you are the venturer or the partner:

  1. Provide detailed information about all parties involved, including legal names and relevant contact details.
  2. Distinctly outline the objectives of the joint venture to establish clarity amongst all participants.
  3. Detail the contributions that each party is expected to make — this could range from financial inputs to resources or skill sets.
  4. Highlight the structure of the joint venture alongside the distribution of any expected profits or losses.
  1. Specify the term or duration of the joint venture, including any provision for its extension.
  2. Identify the governing state or federal law that will oversee the joint venture agreement.
  3. Assert that each party will fulfill their obligations as outlined in the agreement.
  4. Describe procedures for dispute resolution to ensure all parties are on the same plane in case disagreements arise.
  5. Determine any termination clauses, which should clearly detail the conditions under which the joint venture may be ended.

Every participant should review the joint venture contract meticulously, preferably with professional legal advice, to shield their interests. Keep in mind that reaching a previous consensus on vital components of the document, such as the dispute resolution procedure or termination clauses, is central to ensuring a smooth course while formulating the agreement.

To support businesses, various types of joint venture agreement templates can be found easily. These provide a structured outline for the agreement and bring efficiencies in time and resources to the process of drafting the agreement. Ultimately, the use of a well-crafted joint venture agreement PDF brings security, clarity, and flexibility to the complex world of business collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the terms of a joint venture agreement be changed?

The terms and conditions of joint venture agreements can be changed. However, this is only possible if all partners and/or shareholders agree to the changes to the contract. A new contract will need to be drafted and signed by all parties. Only when this has been done will the changes become effective.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a joint venture?

There are many advantages of forming a joint venture for all types of businesses! A small business can gain the funding and marketing presence of a larger business, while larger businesses may access new research material from these smaller companies. Similarly, domestic companies can reach wider markets by joining a foreign company, while these overseas businesses can gain new expertise from an established domestic market. However, JV contacts don’t come without risk. These contracts can be unfairly balanced, with one party contributing more resources, expertise, and investment than the other. Whenever two businesses work together, there is also the potential of butting heads due to different management styles and ideas.

What happens if a joint venture agreement is broken?

A joint venture agreement is a legal contract and thus is legally binding in most jurisdictions. If either party breaks the contract, they are breaching the agreement and will face legal consequences if the other party decides to pursue the violation in court. This falls under civil law, and the violating party will usually have to pay for the damages caused as a result of their breach. In most cases, the venture will continue to run. However, one party will acquire the entire joint venture while the other party loses the right to any involvement.