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An office space lease agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the lease of an office space occurs, ensuring the protection and rights of both parties involved. It becomes a necessity whenever a business entity or an individual seeks to rent a professional space for their operations. Download this agreement form in PDF in seconds and draft your complete legal document in minutes using the steps below.
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Document Types
Condominium Lease Agreement
This contract outlines the terms and conditions under which a tenant rents a condominium.
Garage (Parking) Lease Agreement
This document outlines the terms and conditions of renting a parking spot or garage.
Horse Lease Form
This lease form is designed to define the terms of the horse's use and treatment.
Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
This agreement is used when a fixed-term lease ends but the tenants wish to stay on.
Oil and Gas Lease Form
This form legalizes the exploration, production, and distribution of natural sources.
Photo Booth Contract
This document outlines the terms and conditions of a photo booth rental service.
Rent-to-Own Agreement
This agreement helps the tenant lease the property with an option to buy it in the future.
Lease Agreement
A lease agreement is a legal document that explains the terms of a rental property.
Room Rental Agreement
This agreement lays out the terms and conditions that govern the room rental action.
Roommate Agreement
This contract is made between residents detailing house rules and mutual duties.
Short-Term/Vacation Lease Agreement
This document between a landlord and tenant outlines the terms for the tenant's stay.
Storage Space Lease Agreement
This document allows renters to store objects in a commercial storage facility.
Vehicle Lease Agreement
This document helps clients lease a car for the necessary time and pay for leasing.
Venue Rental Agreement
This contract defines the terms for renting an event space between tenants and owners.
Warehouse Lease Agreement
This document helps to formalize the agreement between a warehouse owner and a tenant.
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Offices are more than just physical places where people meet and work; they are critical foundations for your business. However, acquiring an office space typically involves a significant commitment, often formalized through an office space lease agreement. This legally binding contract outlines the terms and conditions under which the lease of an office space occurs, ensuring the protection and rights of both parties involved.

When to Use an Office Space Lease Agreement

A tenancy agreement for renting office space becomes a necessity whenever a business entity or an individual seeks to rent a professional space for their operations. This situation might occur at the inception of a business or when an existing business plans to expand or relocate. A short-term office rental agreement serves as a legal testament that the tenant has the right to use the leased property for an agreed period. It effectively ensures that the landlord cannot arbitrarily claim the property while the agreement is operational. 


  • Tenant — This is the individual or business entity that is renting the office space in question. They are responsible for making timely rent payments as agreed upon in the office lease agreement. During the term of the lease, the tenant has the right to use and occupy the premises for their business operations, subject to the terms of the lease. Upon completion of the lease term, the tenant either vacates the office space or negotiates a lease renewal with the landlord.

  • Landlord — This is the person or firm that owns the office space and is leasing it out to the tenant. As part of the office rental agreement, the landlord holds the responsibility to provide a space that accommodates the tenant's needs, maintains the structural condition of the office space, and ensures peaceful enjoyment of the premises. 

The landlord also has the right to receive rent and, at the end of the lease term, regain possession of the office space unless a lease renewal is agreed upon. All these roles and responsibilities are explicitly outlined in the office space lease to avoid any confusion or future disputes.

Key Terms

  • Premises: This is the description of the space to be leased, providing details about its location and any pertinent features.
  • Term of lease: This outlines the lease's length, stating its commencement and expiration dates. It can also include provisions for lease extension or early termination.
  • Rent: This section provides details on the amount of rent when it is due, and the accepted modes of payment. Any provisions for security deposits should also be mentioned.
  • Repairs and maintenance: It's important to stipulate who is responsible for repairs and general upkeep of the premises.
  • Default and remedies: This addresses what happens if either party does not uphold their obligations under the agreement. Remedies could include termination of the agreement or legal action.

How to Write an Office Space Lease Agreement

Writing an office space rental agreement can seem daunting, but with proper knowledge of the crucial steps that need to be included, it becomes a straightforward task.

Let’s look at the key steps of the creation of the simple office rent agreement:

  1. Specify the parties involved: 
    Clearly define who the landlord and the tenant are. This could be individuals or business entities.

  2. Describe the premises:
    Include a detailed description of the office space being leased, including its location and any specific features or furnishings included in the lease agreement for office space.

  3. Outline lease term:
    State clearly the duration of the lease, including the commencement and termination dates. Detail any provisions for lease renewal or premature termination.

  4. Detail the rent:
    Indicate the rent amount, the due dates, and your preferred form of payment. If there is a security deposit, include information about it.

  5. State who is responsible for maintenance and repairs:
    Clearly lay out who will be responsible for maintaining the property, including minor repairs and general upkeep.

  6. Cite potential default and remedies:
    Outline what the consequences are if either party defaults on their obligations under the agreement. This could range from monetary penalties to termination of the agreement.

Always remember to use a sample office lease agreement when necessary to ensure your agreement is thorough and legally sound. An office rent agreement is a vital document for any business seeking to lease office space. Its ability to lay out the terms of the agreement and clarify the obligations of each party makes it indispensable. 

If you’re looking to prepare a lease agreement, professional office lease agreement templates at Lawrina are readily available. By simplifying the drafting process, the office lease templates make sure your interests are suitably protected in a compliant and respectable way. Remember, the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive agreement is well worth the effort invested in drafting it.