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A rent-to-own lease agreement is a legal commitment whereby the tenant leases the property with an option to buy it at a future date, ensuring the landlord cannot sell the property to a different buyer during the lease period. Draft your rent-to-own agreement on Lawrina stress-free and get a complete PDF document, ready for your needs.
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Document Types
Condominium Lease Agreement
This contract outlines the terms and conditions under which a tenant rents a condominium.
Garage (Parking) Lease Agreement
This document outlines the terms and conditions of renting a parking spot or garage.
Horse Lease Form
This lease form is designed to define the terms of the horse's use and treatment.
Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
This agreement is used when a fixed-term lease ends but the tenants wish to stay on.
Office Space Lease Agreement
This form outlines the terms and conditions under which the lease of an office space occurs.
Oil and Gas Lease Form
This form legalizes the exploration, production, and distribution of natural sources.
Photo Booth Contract
This document outlines the terms and conditions of a photo booth rental service.
Lease Agreement
A lease agreement is a legal document that explains the terms of a rental property.
Room Rental Agreement
This agreement lays out the terms and conditions that govern the room rental action.
Roommate Agreement
This contract is made between residents detailing house rules and mutual duties.
Short-Term/Vacation Lease Agreement
This document between a landlord and tenant outlines the terms for the tenant's stay.
Storage Space Lease Agreement
This document allows renters to store objects in a commercial storage facility.
Vehicle Lease Agreement
This document helps clients lease a car for the necessary time and pay for leasing.
Venue Rental Agreement
This contract defines the terms for renting an event space between tenants and owners.
Warehouse Lease Agreement
This document helps to formalize the agreement between a warehouse owner and a tenant.
Paper titled "Rent-to-Own Contract"; bank notes, keys, woman and man talking by the house with a living room interior

As a key method for facilitating the transfer of real estate ownership and rights, rent-to-own contracts have become increasingly critical in today's real estate landscape. These unique agreements serve a vital purpose, extending beyond ordinary leasing or purchasing arrangements to protect the interests of all parties involved. 

When to Use a Rent-To-Own Agreement

A rent-to-own lease agreement is crucial when a more flexible approach is needed for property acquisition. This mechanism becomes handy when an immediate outright purchase isn't feasible — such as when the potential buyer needs more time to accumulate funds or improve their credit rating. The rent-to-own agreement form is a legal commitment whereby the tenant leases the property with an option to buy it at a future date, ensuring the landlord cannot sell the property to a different buyer during the lease period.


  • Tenant/Buyer — This refers to the individual or entity who enters an agreement to rent the property and potentially purchase it in the long run. This party is responsible for adhering to the rental terms and conditions stipulated in the rent-to-own form. If the contract's stipulations are fulfilled and the option to purchase is exercised, the tenant transitions into a homeowner after the agreed period.

  • Landlord/Seller — This is the individual, agency, or institution that owns the property in question. In the lease-to-own agreement, the landlord/seller assumes the responsibility of offering the tenant a fair chance to purchase the property at the end of the rental agreement. After the tenant/buyer meets all conditions, the landlord/seller sells the property, thereby relinquishing all ownership rights.

Key Terms

  • Rent premium: This is the portion of the rent assigned toward the eventual down payment of the property should the tenant decide to buy. This method helps the tenant build equity in the house even before owning it.
  • Option fee: An upfront payment made by the tenant for the right to purchase the home in the future. This fee is usually non-refundable but often applied towards the purchase price if the option to buy is exercised.
  • Purchase price: The cost of the property. This can be established upfront in the agreement or determined closer to the end of the lease period.
  • Lease term: This refers to the duration of the rental agreement before the renter can decide to purchase the property.
  • Maintenance and repairs: The contract must specify who is responsible for the property's maintenance and repairs during the lease period.

How to Write a Rent-to-Own Agreement

Creating a comprehensive rent-to-own home contract involves assessing the needs of both parties and ensuring easy-to-understand communication. Utilizing a rent-to-own contract template can often streamline this process. Here are the steps:

  1. Define the parties:
    Clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the tenant/buyer and the landlord/seller. Studying a rent-to-own contract example can give you a clear understanding of how this is usually done.

  2. Describe the property:
    Include a full description of the property, including its location and any distinguishing features or fixtures. Instructions on how to do this can be found in a lease-to-own agreement template.

  3. Establish rent payments:
    Terms for the lease, including the amount, payment schedule, and whether any portion of the rent will go toward the purchase price, should be codified. Analyzing a rent-to-own sample contract can provide guidance on how to structure these terms.

  4. Include the option fee:
    This non-refundable upfront payment made by the tenant for the right to purchase the home should be clearly defined.

  5. Decide on the purchase price:
    Work out an agreement on the sale price of the property if the tenant decides to purchase. This can be a fixed amount stipulated in the contract or determined by an appraisal at the future purchase date.

  6. Maintenance and repairs terms:
    Who will handle maintenance and repairs should be clearly outlined. This could depend on the specifics of the agreement, local laws, and individual preferences. Fleshed-out rent-to-own templates often contain sections explicitly dealing with this topic.

  7. Outline the contract term:
    Clearly state the duration of the lease agreement until the tenant can choose to purchase the property — typically ranging from one to five years.

Having solid, well-drafted rent-to-own paperwork provides a platform for defending your rights and protecting your assets. It ensures each party involved understands their roles and responsibilities, mitigating potential disputes that could arise. These contracts are complex, and it's important to get them right, that's why customizable rent-to-own agreement templates are available to ensure you cover all your bases. An investment in rent-to-own documents ensures your real estate transaction can proceed smoothly and without unforeseen legal hurdles.

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