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A rent-to-own lease agreement is a legal commitment whereby the tenant leases the property with an option to buy it at a future date, ensuring the landlord cannot sell the property to a different buyer during the lease period. Draft your rent-to-own agreement on Lawrina stress-free and get a complete PDF document, ready for your needs.
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Document Types
Condominium Lease Agreement
This contract outlines the terms and conditions under which a tenant rents a condominium.
Garage (Parking) Lease Agreement
This document outlines the terms and conditions of renting a parking spot or garage.
Horse Lease Form
This lease form is designed to define the terms of the horse's use and treatment.
Month-to-Month Lease Agreement
This agreement is used when a fixed-term lease ends but the tenants wish to stay on.
Office Space Lease Agreement
This form outlines the terms and conditions under which the lease of an office space occurs.
Oil and Gas Lease Form
This form legalizes the exploration, production, and distribution of natural sources.
Photo Booth Contract
This document outlines the terms and conditions of a photo booth rental service.
Lease Agreement
A lease agreement is a legal document that explains the terms of a rental property.
Room Rental Agreement
This agreement lays out the terms and conditions that govern the room rental action.
Roommate Agreement
This contract is made between residents detailing house rules and mutual duties.
Short-Term/Vacation Lease Agreement
This document between a landlord and tenant outlines the terms for the tenant's stay.
Storage Space Lease Agreement
This document allows renters to store objects in a commercial storage facility.
Vehicle Lease Agreement
This document helps clients lease a car for the necessary time and pay for leasing.
Venue Rental Agreement
This contract defines the terms for renting an event space between tenants and owners.
Warehouse Lease Agreement
This document helps to formalize the agreement between a warehouse owner and a tenant.
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When to Use a Rent-to-Own Contract

A rent-to-own contract template can be a strategic solution for various situations:

Property owners
  • This agreement secures a future sale, allowing you to earn rental income in the meantime;
  • It provides an income from a property that might otherwise stay vacant.
Property buyers
  • If you want to own the premises but lack money for a purchase, a rent-to-own contract is a useful option;
  • It enables you to gain ownership by making rental payments that contribute to the purchase price.

What Should a Rent-to-Own Contract Include?

A rent-to-own agreement form should be detailed and composed of clearly stated terms:

  • Identification of the parties: Full legal name, address, and contact details.

  • Rental duration: Start and end date of the rental period.

  • Use of the premises: Requirements for the tenant to occupy the property.

  • Payment terms: Lease payments, late charges, purchase price, and the final purchase date.

  • Purchase option: Terms for buying the premises.

How to Write a Rent-to-Own Contract

Below is a detailed guide outlining each step involved in finalizing rent-to-own contracts:

  1. Add the full names and residence details of the landlord and tenant. Phone numbers and emails aren't strictly required, but they usually come in handy in rent-to-own forms.
  2. Next, let's get specific about the rental property itself. Clearly list the full address and any legal property descriptions like lot numbers, and don't forget to mention any furnishings or appliances.
  3. Negotiated the rental term yet? Make sure you add those start and end dates in the rent-to-own agreement template. 
  4. Then, proceed with describing the payment terms. Outline the lease fee, the due date, and acceptable payment methods.
  5. Define any late fees or penalties for missed payments.
  6. Set policies for property alterations, repairs, and improvements.
  7. Specify the total purchase price and the planned date of sale in the rent-to-own agreement template.
  8. Clarify the terms under which the tenant can exercise their option to buy. 
  9. Establish conditions for terminating the contract before the agreed-upon end date.
  10. Finally, sign the rent-to-own form. You can digitally add signatures by using the Lawrina Sign feature.

Is a Rent-to-Own Contract Legally Binding?

As soon as both parties sign the rent-to-own template, it becomes a contract that is legally binding. So, before signing, make certain you've carefully reviewed every single term and condition.

How to Get a Rent-to-Own Contract

Online legal platforms like Lawrina offer a convenient solution – providing customizable contract templates, specifically a rent-to-own sample contract. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a real estate lawyer who can offer rent-to-own contract examples and create a customized agreement tailored to your specific circumstances.

Should any aspect require further clarification, Lawrina Match connects you with a directory of lawyers who can provide expert guidance.

Do I Need to Notarize the Rent-to-Own Contract?

A notary acknowledgment is not obligatory either for a hard copy or a rent-to-own contract sample created on Lawrina. However, that extra authentication step provides a layer of security and valuable protection just in case you ever need it.