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A letter of intent (LOI) to purchase a business is typically necessary when there are serious intentions to acquire a company. This letter of intent is a symbolic leap from casual conversation to earnest commitment, confirming that the prospective buyer is ready to undergo formal due diligence. Edit this business purchase LOI template on Lawrina by answering simple questions and get a professional legal document instantly.
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Document Types
Letter of Intent (LOI)
This letter outlines a party's intention to commit to a transaction or any legally binding act.
Graduate Letter of Intent (LOI)
This form helps ensure you deliver the right impression for a graduate program.
Letter of Intent to Marry
This letter of intent to marry clearly states a couple's intention to get married.
Letter of Intent to Sue
This document conveys a party's intention to initiate a lawsuit against another party.
Real Estate Letter of Intent (LOI)
This type of LOI is necessary for prospective buyers who decide to purchase a property.
School Letter of Intent
This letter communicates a student's intention to attend a specific school.
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Taking the first step toward acquiring a business is a significant event that demands careful and thoughtful planning. A crucial part of this process is creating a business purchase letter of intent (LOI). This document signifies a serious commitment from the buyer to continue the purchasing process and also lays the foundation for future negotiations.

Business purchase LOI plays an important role in transferring intellectual property ownership and rights. A well-drilled purchase letter of intent protects every party's interests and ensures that the transaction progresses smoothly without any unexpected obstacles.

When to Use a Business Purchase Letter of Intent

A letter of intent to purchase a business, often simply referred to as a letter of intent, is typically necessary when there are serious intentions to acquire a company. This may happen when an entrepreneur seeks to expand their business empire, an investor is targeting a profitable venture, or a corporation is aiming for strategic growth. The letter of intent is a symbolic leap from casual conversation to earnest commitment, confirming that the prospective buyer is ready to undergo formal due diligence.

The letter of intent business purchase establishes preliminary agreements between the buyer and seller. It outlines the basics of the deal and enables both parties to move forward with more detailed negotiations and contract formulations in confidence, knowing that their efforts are unlikely to be in vain.


  • Prospective buyer — The party expressing an interest in purchasing the company or business. It is their responsibility to draft the purchase letter of intent to communicate their serious intent and proposed terms for the acquisition. In the letter of intent for business purchase, the prospective buyer outlines details like the agreed purchase price, payment terms, and other vital information. 

  • Current owner — This refers to the individual, partnership, or other legal entity currently owning the business to be purchased. In a letter of intent to buy a business scenario, the current owner receives the document, reviews the outlined terms, and decides how to proceed. The current owner plays a critical role in scrutinizing the terms presented in the letter and preparing for the forthcoming negotiations. The response to the letter of intent could go on to shape the eventual agreement that legally transfers ownership of the business.

Key Terms

  • Business description: Provide a detailed description of the business being purchased, including its name, type, and location.
  • Purchase price: Mention the agreed-upon purchase price for the business.
  • Payment terms: Detail how and when the payment will be made.
  • Confidentiality clause: Ensure that a clause is included highlighting the need for discretion about the potential sale during negotiations.

How to Write a Business Purchase Letter of Intent

A letter of intent buying a business should be carefully written as it lays the groundwork for formal buying agreements. Below are the key steps you should include in your letter:

  1. Identifying the parties:
    Clearly mention the names of both the buyer and the seller, along with their respective roles in the transaction.

  2. Describing the business:
    Provide a comprehensive description of the business being acquired. This should include relevant details such as the business's name, type, location, and current operation status. The use of a letter of intent to purchase a business template can be beneficial to ensure all salient points are covered. 

  3. Stating the purchase price:
    Clearly mention the proposed purchase price. This should be an amount mutually agreed upon by both parties.

  4. Defining payment terms:
    Outline the payment terms, including the deposit amount (if any), payment method, and payment schedule.

  5. Adding confidentiality clause:
    Include a confidentiality clause in your letter of intent purchase business. This serves to ensure both parties exercise discretion regarding the potential sale throughout the negotiation process.

  6. Discussing due diligence:
    Address plans and conditions for conducting due diligence. This process allows the buyer to assess the value and risks associated with the business before the final purchase.

  7. Indicating timeline:
    Indicate an expected timeline for negotiations and the final purchase. Having a clear timeline can help maintain momentum and focus.

  8. Closing the letter:
    Always end the business purchase offer letter by restating your intent to purchase the business subject to the terms set forth and request the seller’s timely response.

Creating an intent to purchase a business agreement is a pivotal step in business acquisition. A well-crafted letter plays a crucial role in establishing the groundwork for subsequent negotiations and definitive agreements. Utilizing a letter of intent template business purchase can be tremendously helpful for this purpose. These templates are designed with meticulous attention to detail that ensures important terms are not overlooked, protecting the interests of all parties involved. Furthermore, these customizable templates save time and effort, keeping the focus on the negotiation process.

Equally important is the benefit of reviewing a sample letter of intent to purchase a business before drafting your own. Such a sample provides practical guidance and a clear demonstration of how to structure this critical document, helping prospective buyers communicate their intentions effectively. Remember, the success of the negotiation and transition process relies heavily on the careful construction of this letter of intent.