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A family loan agreement documents the amount borrowed and repayment terms agreed upon by the lender and the borrower. This legal document safeguards the lender’s interests and ensures both parties are clear on the expectation of repayments. Create your family loan agreement template in minutes and save a complete PDF document to your device for convenience.
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Document Types
Loan Agreement
This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for borrowing money.
Loan Personal Guarantee Form
This form represents the guarantor's promise, pledging their assurance to satisfy a debt.
Payment (Plan) Agreement
This document outlines the schedule for payments to be made to fulfill a debt.
Personal Loan Agreement
This form is necessary whenever a loan is given from one individual to another.
Shareholder Loan Agreement
This contract details the specifics of a loan between a company and a shareholder.
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We always feel compassion when it comes to helping our family members with finances. It’s quite common to lend money to close people. However, you also need to pay attention to the important things that can be ensured with a family loan agreement. 

When to Use a Family Loan Agreement

A loan contract for family is necessary when a loan transaction takes place between family members. This could occur when one member loans money to another for critical needs such as buying a house, paying college tuition, covering medical expenses, or starting a small business. This family loan contract acts as a formal commitment that the borrower will repay the lender according to agreed-upon terms. By legally documenting the loan's terms and expectations, both parties are protected, the lender does not unjustly lose money, and the familial relationship is less likely to be strained.


  • Lender — This is the individual from within the family who's providing the loan. It's their responsibility to provide the loan on agreed terms and conditions as per the simple loan contract between family. Once the loan has been repaid in full, the lender often provides an acknowledgment of satisfaction. This document signifies that the borrower has completed the loan repayments, clearing their debt obligation within the family.

  • Borrower — This is the family member who's taking the loan for a specific purpose. They are responsible for making appropriate repayments on the loan according to the terms of the original loan agreement between family. Upon satisfying the repayment, the borrower gets a release document from the lender, effectively confirming the debt's closure. This documentation, though more informal than traditional loans, is still consequential and should ideally be saved for accurate financial records in the family.

Key Terms

  • Loan amount: This stipulates the principal amount that the lender agrees to loan the borrower. This amount must be repaid according to the schedule outlined in the agreement.
  • Interest rate: Family loans are often interest-free, but sometimes a nominal interest rate is added to provide some return to the lender or to satisfy IRS requirements for interpersonal loans.
  • Repayment schedule: This outlines when the borrower will make repayments, the frequency of payments, and the amount of each payment.
  • Default consequences: These are the actions that can be taken if the borrower fails to repay the loan according to the agreement. For family loans, these might be consequential but are often less severe than those in typical bank loans.
  • Termination: This term, in the sample loan agreement between family members, defines under what conditions the agreement can be prematurely terminated or modified, whether due to early repayment, inability to repay, or changes to the loan terms.

How to Write a Family Loan Agreement

Drafting a family member loan agreement is crucial to keep monetary transactions between family members transparent, organized, and legally safe. To aid in the process, using a family loan agreement template can be of great assistance. Here are the steps to write the agreement:

  1. Identifying the parties: Start by naming the lender and the borrower in the agreement. Attach their complete legal names and contacts for transparency. A family loan agreement template free of charge could provide helpful examples.

  2. Loan amount and interest: Clearly specify the amount of money lent and the interest, if any.

  3. Payment conditions: Define the repayment terms, including the frequency, amount, and due date for repayments.

  4. Delinquency or default terms: Detail the consequences should the borrower fail to comply with the set repayment terms. You can refer to a template loan agreement between family members for standardized clauses.

  5. Agreement effective date and termination: Denote when the loan to family member agreement becomes valid and the circumstances under which it terminates.

  6. Signatures: Both the lender and the borrower should sign and date the agreement to validate it.

Using a family loan template is vital when formulating a family loan agreement. This template provides a well-structured format, which ensures that every important detail is included, leaving no room for ambiguity. A loan template for family outlines the expectations and responsibilities of all parties involved, making the loan process more transparent and manageable. Delineating the terms and conditions ensures that familial relations aren't strained due to misunderstandings regarding financial transactions.

Additionally, with a family loan agreement PDF, you can easily access, edit, and share the document, further simplifying the process. These templates reaffirm the importance of treating familial financial transactions with the same seriousness as one would with a bank or other lending institution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in a family loan agreement?

A family loan agreement is a legally binding document between a lender and a borrower related by blood or marriage. The agreement indicates the amount given as a loan to the borrower and the terms for repayment.

How do you write a family promissory note?

A family promissory note should contain the following details:

  • The amount loaned;
  • The details of the borrower and the lender;
  • The date when the loan is issued;
  • The repayment schedule including the dates, the amount of each repayment amount, and interest charged; and
  • Penalties for default.
How do I report a family loan to the IRS?

First, document the loan according to the steps and aspects provided in this article. Secondly, consider charging the monthly AFR interest if the amount exceeds the $10,000IRS taxable minimum to avoid tax complexities. According to the loan agreement, you should report the earned interests paid to you as the lender as taxable income for each repayment period.